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Glass Partition Design Services


With over 30 years’ experience in office partitioning, we understand that every client and every project is different; each with a unique set of requirements. We listen carefully, adopting a proactive and flexible approach to design challenges. We are committed to finding the innovative solutions that you are looking for.

Glass Partition Design: Our Expertise

Product Development

We have a reputation for designing products that have a purpose and deliver exceptional results. They’re visually and technically impressive, offering remarkable performance and functionality.

The key to our success as a company is product development. Product design and creativity are at the heart of our offering and this is clearly demonstrated by our considerable annual investment in Research and Development. We believe that constant innovation allows us to stay ahead of the market by enabling us to always build on our already expert knowledge. This result is that we are continually improving our product and service offerings for clients.

Collaboration in Design

We view each project as a collaboration between your team and ours. We actively encourage early involvement by holding design workshops with the project team before a project reaches a site. This ensures that design challenges are identified and resolved early on, thereby guaranteeing a smooth and seamless installation.

These regular meetings continue throughout the duration of the project, so we can react quickly to design variations or any other issues that might arise.


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