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Stylish Glass Partitions at Condé Nast International, in Mayfair


Inside one of London’s glorious art deco buildings, globally acclaimed publishing house Condé Nast International has expanded its media empire with stunning new offices overlooking the Thames. For an iconic brand and one that is synonymous with style and innovation, the new offices in the landmark Adelphi Building are at the cutting edge of contemporary design and will provide the perfect working environment for its digital team.


Condé Nast International, London

MCM Architecture

BW Interiors Ltd

Maximising light and visual connectivity

For the transformation of levels 8 and 9, Optima joined forces with MCM Architecture and contractor BW Interiors Ltd in creating an imaginative workplace which would allow collaboration and communication amongst the Condé Nast International staff. The use of glass throughout maximises natural light flow, allowing visual connectivity across the two floors, whilst at the same time creating quiet spaces for private working.

Architecturally Striking

As part of the design, Optima’s glass partitions were used to create a series of executive offices, meeting rooms and quiet rooms over two floors on levels 8 and 9.  With their distinctive lattice framework, Shoreditch Edition glass partitions and doors were also used in some areas to bring an architecturally striking, yet minimalist look to the working environment.  

Developed in response to the growing trend for modern workplaces to reflect a raw, industrial warehouse style, Optima 117 plus Shoreditch Edition is an enhanced version of the standard Optima 117 plus system and features a slim line aluminium framework. This is bonded to the glass, thereby retaining both the structural stability and acoustic performance of the glass partition, whilst at the same time giving the appearance of cutting through the glass with dramatic effect.

Employee Wellbeing at the Core

On level 9, MCM’s unique design incorporates hot desk areas to support agile working, and collaboration spaces where colleagues can come together to share thoughts and ideas. These areas are located next to a series of quiet rooms to provide a balance between public spaces designed to encourage interaction and private areas for quiet conversations and work to take place. On level 8 there is also a quiet lounge, where staff can relax, think and work creatively.

Commenting on the project, Liam Marshall, Optima’s Project Manager, said: “We applied a unique reeded film to the glass partitions to create a visually striking effect whilst at the same time offering visual privacy to the meeting rooms. The reeded film simulates real reeded glass in an incredibly effective way and has the added benefit of being more cost effective than rolled patterned glass.”

With the transformation of this 25,000 sq ft space now complete, the use of Shoreditch Edition glazing and reeded manifestation at Condé Nast International has created an innovative workspace at the cutting edge of design, in keeping with one of the world’s leading media companies.

For further information on Optima’s range of partitioning systems and for any technical support and enquiries call 01494 492725

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