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Using our pivoting glass door and partitions to create a flexible workplace for Deloitte

Due to continued growth and expansion, Deloitte selected 1 New Street Square as the new headquarters of its London campus. 280,000 sq. ft now accommodates 5,500 employees, which is in addition to the 10,000 staff operating out of 2 and 3 New Street Square.  Sheppard Robson chose to specify our state-of-the-art acoustically rated pivoting glass doors and partitions.


New Street Square, London

Sheppard Robson Architects


For Sheppard Robson, designing an innovative space which met the needs of Deloitte’s workforce initially proved challenging. However, their use of collaboration proved key as we created a range of workspaces which promoted employee wellbeing. In addition, ID:SR empowered Deloitte’s staff, allowing the choice how and where they work based on their tasks. Sheppard Robson used us to design, manufacture and install glass partitions across 16 floors.

Innovative design

In short, flexibility is central to the design. Sheppard Robson created meeting rooms that vary in size and shape, offering different modes of occupation. Each floor or ‘neighbourhood’ is designed to incorporate approximately ten different work settings. Therefore, giving employees control over where and how they work and how they manage their privacy.

Sheppard Robson worked across 8 floors, specifying our glass partitioning systems, forming focus booths, individual spaces, and phone booths. We fitted our Optima 117 Plus single glazed partitions and Edge Symmetry pivoting glass door system with sleek black framework across a number of floors. In addition, acoustic performance was at the forefront of Sheppard Robson’s design. These rooms provide staff with quiet places to carry out focused work, offsetting the open collaboration areas.

There are 7 specialist floors throughout the building. On these floors are several larger meeting rooms and phone booths requiring an enhanced level of sound reduction. Our Revolution 54 double glazed system was chosen for these areas for its sleek profile, minimal design and market-leading acoustic performance of up to Rw45dB. All of our glass partitioning systems are independently tested as a full height sample in a UKAS accredited laboratory.

It’s not all about image

We provided our elegant Technishield Pulse fire rated door in certain corridor spaces to meet the required fire safety needs. Sleek and elegant, the minimal steel frame is fully tested achieving a fire rating of up to 60 minutes integrity only. Ideal for use in internal entrance areas, lift lobbies and corridors.

Optima 117 Plus single glazed partitioning system with space-saving Kinetic Align sliding glass doors, formed large meeting rooms for specialist floor, level 12.

In addition, two ‘unallocated’ floors provide public spaces which encourage staff interaction and wellbeing. The community area on level 7, for example, includes a restaurant, tea bar, coffee shops, and an events space incorporating our Revolution 100 system with bi-parting Elite Aero doors. This combination allows for an impressive acoustic performance of up to Rw39dB, helping prevent noise pollution escaping the social space. Furthermore, within the open area, banks of focus booths are located next to a semi-enclosed collaboration area, created using Optima 117 Plus single glazed partitions and Edge Symmetry pivoting glass doors. They demonstrate the balance between private and public workspaces throughout this impressive fit-out. Above all, people can choose to be on their own or come together as teams.

An inspirational workplace

For Deloitte London, the big idea was to create an innovative workspace which simultaneously pushes the boundaries of sustainable design and employee wellbeing.  Firstly, we worked towards the WELL Building Standard, the ground-breaking project challenged us to find creative solutions that met the required certification. Therefore, the teams overall success was undoubtedly due to the close communication and collaborative efforts of everyone involved.

Meanwhile, Sheppard Robson’s carefully considered design enhances the wellbeing of Deloitte employees, by providing a flexible working environment which suits a range of work activities and styles. For example, our single and double glazed partitions have created quiet rooms for focused work, against the backdrop of open, collaborative spaces which fuel creativity. Furthermore, the clean lines and minimal design of our high performing glass partitioning systems meet the aesthetic and acoustic requirements of the design brief. Glass, by its very nature, also acts as a filter for natural light flow throughout the building. We are proud of playing such a big part in creating this inspiring environment which supports Deloitte’s innovative workplace culture of wellness and balance. 



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