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We make MoneySupermarket look epic

In the heart of Soho, in a modernist corner building that dominates the busy London street. Financial giants MoneySupermarket decided to lay their hat. Not far from busy London hotspots such as the bustling Oxford Street and London’s iconic West End, MoneySupermarket have chosen a superb location to reflect their remarkably striking and stylish interiors including a imaginative centerpiece graffiti wall and our Axile Clarity frameless glass door. Hosting employees across 25,000 sq feet MoneySupermarket use space dynamically across 3 levels.


Soho, London

BDG architecture + design

Mace Interiors

It’s not just what’s on the inside that counts…

An area steeped in history, Dean Street frequented by notable characters such as Charles Dickens and a young Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. The exterior strives to work seamlessly with the adjoining buildings. This makes a  strong statement with its chromatic colour scheme in difference  to the surrounding brown and beige buildings, yet still finds geographic harmony in design.

Social area

Architects BDG Architecture and Design have breathed new life into the interior of the MoneySupermarket building. Creating an environment which envelopes you with creativity and vibrancy, proudly boasting its strikingly expressive graffiti wall art wall. MoneySupermarket find reason to exhibit the centerpiece graffiti wall by intertwining doorways and beautiful black framed partitions into the structure. Creating a working space bursting with personality and contemporary charm. Finishing the social and kitchen space stands our Optima 117 Plus seamlessly fitted to match the black framework that lines the rooms various glass balustrades. Giving a sense of style and modernism within the refurbished 18th century building. Visible from the hallway and reception area, our Axile Clarity  frameless glass door allows a view into the bright social area, illuminated by natural light.

It’s all above board

On the other side of the graffiti wall, the sleek timber lined feature wall of the board room welcomes you with its warming art deco style statement lighting. Combined with our double glazed Revolution 100 system, the adjoining wall is fitted with our state-of the art glazed partitions which illuminate the space with sunlight. Our Axile Clarity frameless glass door provides a smooth transition from group working room into the main board room. Manifestation gives partial privacy being custom printed to suit MoneySupermarket’s specification.

Earning accolades

The newly fitted office is now shortlisted for the BCO Fit Out of Workplace Award. A building proven to be held in high regard by architects and magazines alike after being published in Mix Magazine.

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