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Office partitions in Manchester’s Aldermore Bank HQ

One of our most striking and innovative projects to date, Aldermore Bank’s new office in Manchester is now bursting with personality and contemporary charm. Working alongside architects 4M Office, we were able to play a large part in this fit-out, installing our systems and glass partitions.


4M Office

Carlton Contracts

Half the partition- double the possibilities

Architects 4M Office decided Optima 117 Plus was the ideal partition for their communal areas. Especially when equipped with the visual addition of Shoreditch Edition bands. These partitions were bespoke due to the fact that they were installed on a white dwarf wall, a design element which oozed dynamic charm. Firstly, allowing a screen for employees to see the kitchen without having to enter. Secondly, illuminating the entirety of the room with natural light which flows through the head height partition. The sleek black frame of this partition works aesthetically with the mustard colour walls and deep grey fixtures. This partition effectively brings the room together allowing an area of collaboration whilst being near to the open-plan kitchen.

Bright offices

Following on from the communal area, a sleek ‘training room’ greets you. This brilliantly crisp room flaunts two LCD screens per seat on two long desks. The Revolution 100 system, complete with Axile Clarity doors, encloses the whole room. Our state-of-the-art Revolution 100 partition system is the partition of choice in many offices of several world-leading companies. This is due to its sleek double-glazing aesthetic qualities. Additionally, with two panes of our treated glass, this partition can provide an acoustic rating of up to Rw53dB.

Axile Clarity doors provide an unrivalled aesthetic, due to the frameless glass leaf. Acoustic seals and toughened glass reinforce the seamless transition on the pivoting door, making it one of the strongest frameless doors on the market. To clarify, this door boasts quality with elegance having only stainless-steel pivots joining the glass door to its mottled black frame. In addition, this door provides not only practical functionality for effortless use, but works in harmony with the design of the room.

This cutting-edge combination of Revolution 100 and Axile Clarity doors is also unique due to the bespoke manifestation provided. This reflects 4M Office’s original colour scheme, incorporating mustard yellow with deep grey numbers for ease of accessibility. Furthermore, simple dots are placed around the office partition in Manchester allowing for further safety and regulatory compliance.

Looking back…

In addition, we worked across the whole floor, playing a role in fitting partitions forming borders for up to 9 offices. These were placed across the area alongside individual working pods. The office proves a visual and contemporary marvel as well as a space that flaunts its dynamic charm. A truly exciting place for employees to work together or individually. In conclusion, the beautiful and distinctive outcome reflects the collaborative efforts of this project!

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