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JOB TITLE: Project Manager / Quantity Surveyor

DIVISION: Optima Special Works

LOCATION: High Wycombe

ACCOUNTABLE TO: Managing Director, OSW

DATE: Jun 2018


Overall responsibility for managing projects from start to completion. Accountable for Site managers, working foreman, site engineers and general labour.


1. Set up contract file.
2. Agree on site set up with Site Manager, Surveyor and Director.
3. Produce construction programme.
4. Produce procurement schedules – subcontract and purchase procurement schedules to be produced based on the construction programme, to be produced in conjunction with the Surveyor (where applicable) and identify when financial information will be required.
5. Produce method statements, COSHH and risk assessments as per Health and Safety Plan.
6. Ensure a drawing register is produced and maintained.
7. Place sub-contract orders.
8. Order plant and materials.
9. Report all significant problems on the project.
10. Set up Health and Safety site file.
11. Agree Site Manager’s duties.
12. Attend regular internal contract review meetings.
13. Review subcontract performance at end of the project.
14. Ensure a copy of all relevant information to the site.
15. Issue progress report at every client progress meeting.
16. Produce O & M manuals.


1. To have an adequate knowledge of, and comply with, the Health and Safety Policy and legislative requirements consistent with your responsibilities, and to delegate these responsibilities to subordinate staff.
2. To ensure that the company’s responsibilities under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 1994 are complied with in respect of notification of a project (where applicable) and the preparation of any Health and Safety Plan/File are complied with utilising the services of the appointed Safety Consultants, where applicable.
3. Ensure that provision is made at the pre-contract planning stage for health, safety and welfare.
4. To develop and issue the Construction Phase Safety Plan to include initial risk assessments and COSHH assessments together with method statements. This is to be available on site on the first day of work.
5. Ensure the provision of risk assessments/method statements by the company or its sub-contractors prior to the commencement of the relevant work activity.
6. Ensure that any sub-contractor appointed has provided satisfactory evidence of their competency in relation to the health and safety considerations of their work activity.
7. Ensure that any sub-contractors appointed have been provided with adequate details of the company’s requirements in respect of health, safety and welfare and that they have been provided with adequate information to enable them to prepare their own risk assessments/method statements.
8. Ensure that sub-contractors are notified in writing of any breaches of statutory requirements, their own or the Group Health and Safety Policy, or their risk assessments/method statements, and obtain from them their explanation of why such breach occurred and their proposals to prevent recurrence.
9. Discuss safety on a regular basis with site management and, where appropriate, the safety implications of their requirements or instructions.
10. Reporting to the Safety Task Force all accidents and dangerous occurrences.


1. Prepare all sub-contract payment schedules for approval, they must be back to back with CVR’s. Assist in the preparation of monthly WIP data.
2. Prepare all sub-contract orders, they must be within limits of tender amounts.
3. Assist with monthly supervision schedule for accounts, they must fall within CVR allowances.
4. Assist in obtaining retention releases for projects.
5. Monitor invoicing in respect of month on month WIP forecast for projects.
6. Prepare detailed CVRs for projects.
7. Attend financial meetings for each project you are involved with and prepare initial CVR and budget constraints data.
8. Prepare valuations.
9. Carry out audits for QA.
10. Resolve query invoices from buying.
11. Deal with and monitor contractual correspondence.
12. Ensure that the projects in which you are involved have a successful financial outcome.

Any other such reasonable duties as may be given to you from time to time.

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