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As a BSc (Hons) graduate in Environmental Science, I am proud to work for Optima Products Limited. An ethical business, we have a proactive attitude, and we are committed to working with the environment to enhance rather than harm.

Radstock has an illustrious industrial heritage. Situated just outside of the World Heritage city of Bath our 9-acre manufacturing site continues that tradition whilst respecting the natural habitat and local rolling countryside.

conservation zone Gracie

Building biodiversity at our manufacturing facility 

We value biodiversity, with a designated half-acre region for the protection and restoration of the natural environment and wildlife. Home to a variety of species, large and small, our aspiration is to grow this area into a thriving healthy ecosystem that will sit comfortably alongside our modern manufacturing facility.

Following the 2020/21 expansion, our first step along the journey was to appoint a dedicated biodiversity area and management policy. Furthermore, implementing a procedure of monitoring and species control onsite, to ensure an ecological balance was vital. 


Committed to our environmental goals

The conservation zone is part of our wider commitment to our environmental goals. It highlights our conscious focus on the impact, manufacturing has on biodiversity both on land and within the local watercourse. During our 2020 revival, we decided the enlist the expertise of an environmental consultant. Working together, our aim was to enhance the potential of our proposed ‘OPL Conservation zone’ at our manufacturing facility. A tree-planting programme, bird box installation, encouraging of wild flora (Senecio Jacobaea and Poppies) and actions implemented to protect a badger sett, were all taken to cultivate the area. 

Conservation zone manufacturing facility poppy

Part of my role as Environmental & Sustainability Assistant is to monitor wildlife, including our extensive resident badger population. Furthermore, I report these data results to senior management and they form part of our key KPI programme.

Recently we have partaken in national citizen science monitoring programmes, ensuring knowledge of population size and animal behaviour is shared. The most recent of which was The Big Butterfly Count. Through involvement in such schemes, we hope that we can assist in preservation not just within our immediate surroundings, but on a global level. Additionally, longer-term we aim to engage with local schools to educate protection of our local environment alongside manufacture and employment.

About the Author

Conservation Zone Manufacturing Facility Optima Gracie


Gracie joined Optima in June 2021, having previously completed university placements with the business. Within her role Gracie assists the HSQE department, supporting us in reaching our Net Zero Carbon pathway, auditing ISO 14001, and helping us strive towards our continuous development of environmental standards and achieving environmental certification for our products.


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