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Edge Series

Doors have traditionally been the Achilles’ heel in any glass partition’s acoustic performance because it is so difficult to effectively seal a closed door. Glass doors in particular are poor performers where acoustics are concerned. But all that has changed thanks to Optima’s considerable investment in research and development, and our determination to design a range of doors that tackles this perennial problem head on. The result? The Edge Series of acoustic glass doors.

Our Edge Series features two striking framed glass doors, namely Edge Symmetry and Edge Affinity, along with Edge Flush, a stunning flush, frameless double glazed door leaf for use within any of the popular Microflush door frames across the Optima glazed partition range. Not only are these doors beautifully designed, but they can also perform as well acoustically as bespoke acoustic timber door sets,

Glass Doors Features

Edge Symmetry

The hugely popular Edge Symmetry door is a framed single or double glazed acoustic glass door which offers excellent acoustic performance. Ideal for offices and meeting rooms requiring a high level of acoustic privacy, Edge Symmetry can achieve a maximum acoustic rating of Rw41dB in its double glazed form.

This elegant door is designed for use within our Microflush door frame and can be hinged or pivoted. Edge Symmetry features a slim 30mm standard width stile at the leading edge; 18mm visible on the corridor side when the door is in a closed position, If a lock is required it can be a dead lock, sash lock or latch. Single or paired doors are available and the maximum door height is 3000mm.

Be inspired – visit our Gallery to view the Edge Symmetry door.

Glass Doors Features

Edge Affinity

The Edge Affinity door is a framed acoustic glass door which offers outstanding acoustic performance. With superior perimeter seals, the Edge Affinity door can achieve Rw39db in single glazed form and Rw42dB in double glazed form.

The door features a 78mm wide stile at the leading edge; 66mm visible on the corridor side when the door is in a closed position. The stile can accommodate a dead lock, sash lock or latch.  Single or paired doors are available and the maximum door height is 3000mm.

Take a look at the Edge Affinity door in our Gallery.

Glass Doors Features

Edge Flush

Edge Flush combines the stunning aesthetics of frameless glass with the proven acoustic performance of the Edge Series. It is the ideal solution for high profile schemes that need to stand out from the crowd.

This beautifully crafted double glazed door can be used in conjunction with all of Optima’s glazed partition systems. The frameless pivoting door leaf, comprising 6mm toughened + 8mm toughened glass, sits flush within any of the popular Microflush door frames across Optima’s glazed partition range.

The door can be single or double leaf and the maximum leaf size is 3000mm high and 990mm wide. A number of different finishes are available, along with a range of handle and locking options, ensuring complete design flexibility.

Although frameless, Edge Flush can still achieve an impressive Rw37dB.

Get a closer look at the Edge Flush door in our Gallery.

Glazed Partitioning Acoustics


As with all of our products, our Edge Series of acoustic glass doors are laboratory tested for acoustic performance in a UKAS accredited laboratory and full test reports are available upon request. They offer outstanding acoustic privacy, as the following test results demonstrate:

Edge Symmetry single glazed – Rw35dB
Edge Symmetry double glazed – Rw41dB
Edge Affinity single glazed – Rw39dB
Edge Affinity double glazed – Rw42dB
Edge Flush double glazed – Rw37dB

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