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Visual Privacy

Glass manifestation, whether it is an applied film, a decorative interlayer or switchable glass, is a highly effective method of creating visual privacy and there are endless design possibilities. Integral blinds provide another option for creating privacy within meeting rooms, offices and in a hospital environment where patient needs and therefore privacy needs are constantly changing.  See our recent installation at Condé Nast’s HQ in London using a reeded effect manifestation.

Switchable Glass

Switchable glass can be used within our partitioning systems to instantly provide privacy at the flick of a switch. A popular choice for Board Rooms and Conference Rooms, switchable glass provides a versatile and stylish solution. When the switch is turned on, an electrical current is applied which changes the properties of the glass and instantly turns it from opaque to clear. Switchable glass can be easily incorporated into our single and double glazed systems. See more of how AJ Gallagher, CMS and Norton Rose Fulbright in Perth all used switchable glass in their interiors to facilitate open or private meetings.

Applied Film Manifestation

The most commonly specified form of manifestation is applied film due to its cost effectiveness. Manifestation graphics can be used to display your brand as well as providing visual privacy and there are endless design possibilities.  PRS For Music wanted an acoustic wave theme in their new offices forming part of the King’s Cross Development.  Thomson Reuters used a theme of orange circles to continue their branding inside the building.  Condé Nast used our reeded style manifestation to achieve a level of privacy in their London HQ, see the video above.

A wide range of vinyl applied films are available, so whether you’re looking for an etched effect film, a transparent colour film, an optically clear digital film or a speciality film such as bomb blast film, then get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Integral Blinds

An alternative to applied manifestation, integral Venetian blinds can be incorporated within our 217 plus double glazed system to provide privacy in Meeting Rooms and Board Rooms. We installed them at Southmead Hospital in Bristol where patient privacy needs vary during the day.  The blinds provide a great way of monitoring patients without disturbing them whilst open and when closed providing complete privacy.  The standard slat width is 25mm and there is an extensive range of colours and finishes. Our aluminium hidden mullion, which sits discreetly within the cavity of the glazing, houses the cabling and blind control mechanism.

Building Regulations Approved Document K (2013)

Building Approved Document K (2013) makes reference to the use of manifestation on glass entrance doors and glazed screens.
The location of glass entrance doors should be easily distinguished, especially when they are within a glazed screen and when the door is both open and shut.
Manifestation should be clearly contrasting with the background in all weather/lighting conditions.
Manifestation should be located between 850mm–1000mm and 1400mm–1600mm, i.e. in 150mm high bands which could be a solid band, a decorative feature or split bands of 50mm each.
High contrast strips at the top and on both sides of a glazed door in a glazed screen should be provided.

If glass doors can remain in the open position, the leading edge should be clearly distinguished and protected by guarding (entrance doors only) to prevent it becoming a collision hazard.

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