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Glass Partition CPD Seminars

We currently offer six RIBA Accredited CPD seminars which have been designed to advance your knowledge of glass partitions. We also offer our thought-provoking Myth-Busting Embodied Carbon Lunch & Learn. 

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Specifying Glass Partitions 

  • Considerations for specifying fire-rated glass partitions and doors 
  • How to meet an acoustic specification
  • The types of glass, joints and frames that can be specified and how to choose what is right for your design
  • Project specific considerations such as installation
  • How does the visual privacy element work?

Specifying Glass Partitions (Scotland) 

The seminar follows a similar outline to our main format but with particular reference to the Scottish Technical Handbook requirements. 


Understanding Partition Acoustics

The seminar provides an overview of the sound insulation of partitions and doors. It will help you to understand the following topics:


  • Sound insulation performance in the context of glazed partitions and doors 
  • How acoustic performance is verified by laboratory testing and representative sample testing
  • How to decide what sound insulation performance is needed to specify sound insulation with confidence
  • Composite room-to-room sound insulation for partitions and doors 
  • How sound insulation values are measured on site and how construction quality as a whole can affect that performance 


The WELL Building Standard – How can glazed partitions contribute?

  • Why use glass partitions? 
  • Build Assessment methods 
  • What is WELL and why do we need it?
  • WELL v2 certification process
  • WELL v2 methodology structure 
  • Focus on the role of glazed partitions and wider considerations

Specifying fully-glazed fire doors and partitions

      • The requirements for designing buildings for fire safety
      • The requirements for incorporating glazed elements as part of the passive fire protection measures
      • What fire resistance is, how it is measured and how that data can be used
      • The requirements for smoke resistance
      • Other compliance areas around glazed partitions and doors that we need to be aware of

Understanding the reaction to fire partition surfaces

        • An overview of what the regulatory guidance requires for reaction to fire
        • An explanation of how the required Euro classifications are developed
        • A guide to how the testing is carried out
        • A look at other forms of testing which may incorrectly be used to justify the specification of a finish
        • A cautionary guide to understanding why manufacturers claims may not be accurate in the context of the end-use

Online CPD seminars

Make the most of working from home by getting up to date with our CPDs. We are now also offering our RIBA Accredited CPD seminars as interactive online sessions, so you can continue to grow your knowledge from the comfort of your own home or office. 

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