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The Optima Adaptable Wall

Flexibility is going to play a huge role in the way we work in the future and flexibility in design is going to be key to this. The need to create office spaces that facilitate flexible working has caused the industry to look for new and alternative design features to enhance their space. With this in mind, we have developed the Optima Adaptable Wall®. This new modular, demountable solid wall offers the structural stability and acoustic performance of our glass partitioning systems. The Adaptable Wall offers a unique, flexible solid wall solution designed to enhance modern office design. In this blog, we will look at our new solid wall system and how it can transform your office design. 

What is the Optima Adaptable Wall? 

Adaptable Wall is a stunning modular solid wall system that achieves outstanding acoustic performance. This dry jointed, demountable product offers the perfect solution for projects where environmental performance is a key design requirement. This system easily connects with double or single glazed partitions allowing you to maintain the same aesthetic throughout a design. The Adaptable Wall is available in several finishes, offering a variety of aesthetic solutions to fit any design. From fabric and wood panels to magnetic writeable walls, easily customise your space.  

How well does the Adaptable Wall perform environmentally?  

The world is changing, and environmental performance has become a key driver within the construction industry. As a result, more and more companies are looking for solutions that not only offer beautiful aesthetics and functionality, but they must also deliver environmentally. Built at our manufacturing facility near Bath, we have full control over the design and build process allowing us to reduce our environmental impact at each stage. From conception to completion, we dedicate ourselves to considering the environment throughout a project. Furthermore, the aluminium used in all our systems is derived from up to 75% recycled aluminium, enhancing the environmental performance of our products. Adaptable Wall is also available with a variety of wall options from fabric to FSC™ certified timber and even green walls. The adaptable wall also offers several sustainable options that allow you to simply customise your design.  

Is the Adaptable Wall reusable? 

The Adaptable Wall has been designed especially with reusability in mind. This dynamic solid wall can be taken down, moved, and reused quickly and easily. Furthermore, the adaptable wall provides a flexible solution that can adapt to a business’s needs, offering unlimited design potential. We have placed a real focus on the circular economy throughout the development of the Adaptable Wall. Therefore, we cover it under our Take Back scheme, just as all our products are. This allows us to take full control of the lifecycle of our products, enhancing our environmental performance as a business.  

How durable is the Adaptable Wall?  

The Adaptable Wall is made from a combination of durable and sustainable materials. The solid partition elements have a potential useful life in excess of 25 years provided they are not subjected to undue impact, abrasion, distortion or load, and are regularly cleaned in accordance with our approved methodology. Therefore, the aluminium used in our framework provides a solid foundation delivering outstanding structural stability with an attractive visual aesthetic. Furthermore, Optima Products Ltd warrants its products for a period of 10 years from the date of supply for durability of materials surface properties and functionality. With this in mind, Adaptable Wall offers a robust and versatile product designed to deliver structural stability to any project.  

What about the Adaptable Wall’s acoustic properties? 

Based on our hugely popular Revolution 100 glass partitioning system, Adaptable Wall can achieve Rw48dB using fabric panels. This dynamic solid wall can also achieve up to Rw51dB using magnetic writeable glass combinations. Offering a unique aesthetic addition whilst delivering impressive acoustic performance, the adaptable wall provides outstanding sound privacy. It can also accommodate glazed and solid doors from our standard range, including a range of specially designed high acoustic doors. Furthermore, the installation of our Elite Series of acoustic glass doors enhances acoustic performance, offering maximum sound insulation. Therefore, the Adaptable Wall’s high-quality acoustic privacy creates comfortable and effective workspaces designed to accommodate a range of working styles.  

Installing other solid walls can be time-consuming, labour-intensive, and messy, what about the Adaptable Wall?  

Our expert installations team can quickly and easily deliver and install the adaptable wall. Manufactured at our facility near Bath, we can deliver our adaptable wall systems straight to site with minimal disruption to the build (compared to conventional drywall). Furthermore, fully demountable the Adaptable Wall can be put up, taken down, or relocated quickly and efficiently to adapt to a business’s changing needs. Therefore, this unique design feature offers a smart and simple way for businesses to maximise the potential of their office. Also, this solid wall requires no drying times and so we can install it later in the project than traditional alternatives. Therefore, the install is faster and it reduces the chance of damage or further delay to the project.  

Speak to one of our experienced sales team about specifying Adaptable Wall on your next project:

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