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Human Data Science Company transform new London HQ with dynamic, modular office meeting pods 

Sustainability was at the heart of the design for this data science companies’ new London office. For this world-leading human data science company, a big focus was put on the need for a solution that fosters the circular economy, offering an adaptable workspace that can grow and also change with the business. With this in mind, the Optima Adaptable Meeting Room (AMR) provides the ideal solution for the project. Alongside architects Perkins and Will, we created a dynamic inner office neighbourhood that promotes a variety of different working styles. Therefore, with 23 of our Adaptable Meeting Rooms installed across two floors of the office, our freestanding office meeting pods transform the space offering a unique working environment like no other.


Perkins and Will

Overbury Plc

Promoting adaptability in the workplace

Fully demountable and customisable, this modular office meeting room offers the client a unique way to maximise the potential of their new London office space, whilst also delivering a sustainable system. Sustainability was a key design requirement for this data science company. They wanted to build an office space that not only suited the way they work today but also how they will work in the future. With this in mind, the Adaptable Meeting Room provides the perfect solution to achieve their sustainability goals. Designed with adaptability in mind, this village of freestanding meeting rooms can adapt and evolve to their changing needs.

Furthermore, completely reusable, the AMR can be taken down, reconfigured, and even relocated anywhere. This means as their business develops, or even moves in the future they can pick up their existing office and place it anywhere they see fit. Asa result, this exceptional design feature offer an easy and functional plus for the future. It also plays into the circular economy, endorsing sustainability throughout the organisation. 

 The superior acoustic performance of the AMR

Another key design requirement for this extensive project was the acoustic performance throughout the floorplan. Thoroughly tested against our competitors’ pods, the AMR set a benchmark with its superior acoustic abilities. The impressive acoustic ratings of the system met the needs of the client perfectly. The AMR offers a quiet and comfortable space where employees can carry out collaborative meetings or private work for long periods of time.

Furthermore, it is based on our acoustic Revolution 100 glass partitioning system, creating a comfortable and effective working environment. The AMR can achieve an acoustic rating of up to Dw39dB with a single glazed door and a glass partition front. The systems on this project went through extensive testing by Sandy Brown, the largest independent acoustic consultant in the UK. Moreover, the addition of fabric solid walls in all the systems offers an attractive aesthetic design feature whilst also enhancing the overall acoustic performance of the AMR.  

New territory for Optima and the Adaptable Meeting Room

Reflecting back over the project, we spoke to Project Manager, George Newnham:

“This project with Perkins + Will and Overbury pushed us into new territory here at Optima. It was the first time we installed our AMRs on a project of this scale and that was really exciting. Essentially, we have created entirely bespoke, adaptable meeting spaces which are all integrated with AV and data systems to meet the specific design brief of the client. The advantages of these fully-customisable systems are clear, especially as we move into a new post-pandemic era of office design. It was a fantastic experience to work on a project of this size and success. I look forward to working with both this client and others who seek adaptable meeting spaces in the future.”

Comfortable and effective working environment

With over 20 AMR’s spread across a single floor, this collection of meeting rooms has transformed the space creating a unique community of private and collaborative workspaces. In addition, with a variety of different sizes ranging from 2.2×3 to 4.2x3metre systems, this design accommodates a range of working styles that can quickly and easily be adapted to reflect the changing needs of the business. Aesthetic details such as magnetic writable glass walls offer an interesting addition to the project, allowing our client to turn their AMRs into inspirational canvases for their employees.  

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