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Glazed partitions at Asahi promote collaboration whilst offering acoustic privacy 

Beer group Asahi has recently completed the fit-out of their new Woking headquarters. Occupying 35,000 sq. ft, this bright, open plan office is home to many of their leading brands such as Peroni Nastro Azzurro, Grolsch, and Asahi Super Dry. Installed across four floors of the office, our glazed partitions and doors helped create a bright, contemporary workspace that also offers acoustic privacy. Working alongside architects Shaw Studios and main contractor Overbury Southern Plc, we built a sleek, open design that promotes employee collaboration throughout. 


Shaw Studios

Overbury Southern

Privacy in the open 

Creating an open plan space where colleagues can bounce ideas off one another and collaborate was key for this global beer and soft drinks company. Optima 117 Plus glazed partitions allow light to flow naturally through the office whilst delivering acoustic privacy. Timeless, Optima 117 Plus offers an elegant way to make beautiful private rooms out of open spaces. Achieving up to Rw38dB, this single glazed system also provides quality acoustic performance, ideal for meeting rooms and private offices. Therefore, installed with 12.8mm acoustic laminated glass this system perfectly creates quiet areas dotted throughout the office where people can escape the buzz. Furthermore, the minimal base channels and discreet glass to glass dry joints enhance the sense of openness throughout the design.   

Equally important, by installing Edge Symmetry doorwe created a number of single person quiet rooms across the two floors. This hugely popular framed door provides the perfect solution to create these individual private workspaces. Ideal for a quick call or getting on with quiet work, these rooms offer little pockets of acoustic privacy. As a result, this single glazed door offers a great acoustic rating of up to Rw35dB, minimising any disturbances from the outer office 

Glazed partitions enhance acoustic privacy  

Acoustic privacy remained a key design requirement throughout the boardroomprivate offices, and the numerous meeting rooms on level 4As a result, Revolution 54 Plus double glazed partitions were installedoffering both impressive acoustic performance and aesthetic appeal. By installing this attractive system, we created a stylish boardroom which spans most of the floor. With an acoustic rating of Rw42dB, this popular glazed partition offers impressive acoustic privacy, whilst allowing light to flow through the designIdeal for confidential meetingswe enhanced the acoustic integrity of the space by integrating an Edge Symmetry double glazed door. Acoustically sound, it adds the perfect level of privacy, blocking out any unwanted noise pollution from the surrounding breakout area.  

Both the acoustic glass partitions and doors were continued throughout the rest of the floor plan. Creating a variety of private offices and meeting rooms these systems give employees a space for peaceful, quiet work. Delivering outstanding acoustic performance this double glazed door system offers instant privacy from the rest of the design. With an acoustic rating of up to Rw41dB, Edge Symmetry doors truly enhance the acoustic performance of the entire design.  

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