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Bisset Adams

Creating their own bigger office space with a fresh design was the perfect opportunity for architects, Bisset Adams to show their personality and artistic flair. Along with Fit Out & Refurbishment Management, we created an agile, fluid space that allows inspiration to grow.



The Cube Building, Wenlock Road, London

Bisset Adams

Fit Out & Refurbishment Management

Meeting rooms with high acoustic ratings were needed to ensure privacy during confidential meetings. Revolution 100 and the Elite doors range, with an acoustic rating of Rw43dB, were chosen, allowing the acoustic needs to be met without compromising the natural light flow. For consistency and design purposes, the frames of the doors where specially powder coated at Optima’s Radstock manufacturing plant to match the existing external doors in their new offices at The Cube Building in London.

“Optima was an integral part of my vision for our own unified space, creating an environment where we can continue to grow and thrive creatively.” Iain Johnston, Director, Bisset Adams

With the staff at Bisset Adams preferring to work in a shared open space, small phone booths were installed to allow for private phone conversations. Revolution 100 partitions and Elite Aero pocket sliding doors were used to save space and preserve the open atmosphere in the office.

The feeling of space is apparent in the large reception area of the design with a quiet and relaxing reading area, a higher bar area for quick get-togethers, a pool table and a kitchen with a large dining table for shared and social lunch breaks.

The use of yellow in the design reflected the light coming into the building and the light flowing through the building with the clever use of glass partitions rather than solid walls.  This allowed the team flexibility in the use of the space in this truly agile environment.


“Optima were an integral part of my vision for our own unified space where the flow of light, acoustic control and representation of our brand were integral to creating an environment where we can continue to grow and thrive creatively.”

Iain Johnston, Director, Bisset Adams

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