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Custom-built glass partitions at St James’s new environmentally conscious office

St. James’s Place Wealth Management has recently completed a state-of-the-art fit-out of its new Bristol office. Our custom-built glass partitions helped transform this traditional cellular layout into an open and environmentally conscious design. This bright and airy new office space will serve as a hub for the South West region. Alongside architects, AWW and main contractor Overbury Southern, we provided an attractive fit-out, installing a contemporary and open design where associates and clients can meet comfortably.

Aztec West, Bristol


Overbury Southern

Bespoke glass partitions 

The Optima Special Works (OSW) team worked to a complex specification, designing a modern front of house space. The bespoke joinery required for this design presented an initial test for Project Manager Michael Bone and his team. Nevertheless, the team employed their skills and experience to successfully integrate a system of custom-built glass partitions that not only met the design requirements but created an elegant and accessible space.

Throughout the modern front of house area, we installed our stunning Revolution 100 double glazed partitions. Furthermore, this dry jointed system created a number of sophisticated private offices and meeting rooms that led seamlessly from the open lobby space. We bond the slimline aluminium framework to our glass partitions, thereby retaining both structural stability and high acoustic performance, whilst giving the striking appearance of cutting through the glass. Moreover, our glass partitions create an open plan feel whilst preserving the privacy of the surrounding offices.

When reflecting on the success of the fit-out, Project Manager Michael Bone commented:

“Although this unique project brought some initial design challenges, I am really pleased with the finished product. We also worked well with main contractor Overbury Southern, who ran the project smoothly from start to finish. It has been a pleasure being involved in this environmentally forward thinking project”.

Environmentally conscious design

Designing an office that had a strong focus on sustainability and minimising any environmental impacts was paramount for St James’s new premises. An environmentally-conscious approach to this fit-out has produced an office that is energy efficient and fit for the future. Furthermore, this green approach has been maintained throughout the entire design, with particular attention being payed to the products that have been used and their carbon impact. As a result, this inspiring office transformation has been recognised as a SKA Gold workspace, highlighting its success as a sustainable office design.  

Acoustic Privacy

Acoustic privacy was a key design requirement for this FTSE 100 company’s new open-plan office. With this in mind, our Revolution 100 double glazed partitions allow natural light to flow through the office, whilst providing an impressive acoustic values of up to Rw45dB, when using two sheets of 12mm toughened glass. As a result, our custom-built glass partition system offers high acoustic performance as well as bringing a light and open feel to the design.  

In addition by incorporating the high performing Revolution 100 double glazed system we created a collection of private offices that surrounded the front of house area. In doing so our acoustic glazed partitions enhance a sense of openness whilst ensuring privacy in the workplace.

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