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Innovative Fit-Out at 100 Pall Mall: Optima’s Glass Partitions Transform Investment Firm’s London Office

A global investment management firm recently completed the fit-out of its newly modernised office space at 100 Pall Mall, London.

Specified with hybrid working in mind, the bright and open office will provide staff with a flexible workspace, with main contractor/architects Unispace tasked with bringing this fresh vision to life.

100 Pall Mall, London



Building a sustainable office was central to the brief for the client, which aimed to create a newly revamped office combining minimal environmental impact and a high-performance interior. To achieve this goal, the specification team turned to partition specialist Optima’s range of glazed partitions and door systems. Optima’s innovative solutions offered the perfect balance of aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability while also supporting clients’ needs.

The creative concept for this inspiring project focused on incorporating brand-new glass partitioning systems to achieve a modern and sustainable workspace. To meet the brief, Optima provided its advanced Revolution 100 double-glazed partitions and Elite Affinity double-glazed framed doors, tailored to the client’s specifications.

This approach enabled the client to achieve its bespoke design requirements, creating a state-of-the-art headquarters with a low-carbon, high-performance interior. Optima’s innovative solutions ensured the new products were seamlessly integrated into the building’s design, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics.

Selecting these premium acoustically-rated products also ensured the design achieved acoustic balance throughout, for a comfortable and aurally-pleasant space. Furthermore, the modular structure of the products meant they could be quickly and easily relocated from project to project.

This innovative and sustainable approach, resulted in a dynamic and adaptable working environment. Specifically, it gives the client’s team the freedom to choose how they work and collaborate, with glass partitions and door systems delivering a feeling of openness while retaining an aspect of privacy throughout.

The Sustainable Solution

Optima has taken a proactive approach towards sustainability by selecting Hydro CIRCAL aluminium to construct its entire range of partition solutions. Hydro aluminium is one of the most sustainable options available in the market, boasting a minimum of 75% recycled content. This deliberate choice reflects Optima’s commitment to offering high-quality, sustainable products to its clients.

By opting for Hydro CIRCAL aluminium, Optima not only ensures the durability and performance of its products but also contributes to the reduction of carbon emissions. Compared to traditional manufacturing processes, recycled aluminium significantly minimises the energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions associated with production. This aligns with Optima’s mission to provide innovative solutions that meet the needs of their clients while upholding environmental responsibility.

In choosing Hydro CIRCAL aluminium, Optima continues to lead the way in sustainable design and construction, setting a benchmark for the industry and inspiring others to adopt eco-friendly practices.

Exceeding expectations

Commenting on the project, the client has shared his thoughts, “We’re thrilled with how our office makeover has turned out and we’re especially impressed with how quick and smooth the entire installation process was. Optima’s glass partitions and doors have made the space feel open and inviting. The team has been enjoying this new level of comfort which not only provides us with a space to focus individually, but also encourages collaborative work.”

This project exemplifies Optima’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions for its clients while enhancing its reputation as a leading UK manufacturer. Using their advanced glass partitioning systems, Optima has successfully met the client’s needs and created a modern, efficient workspace. The project’s design demonstrates how thoughtful material use can improve both functionality and environmental responsibility, setting a benchmark for creating adaptable, future-ready office spaces.

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