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Newly imagined private accommodation for London’s Metropolitan University

London’s Metropolitan University (LMU), the home of over 10,000 students underwent key changes in their accommodation space. In the Holloway Road campus of LMU, the international student’s hub is a space bustling with life. The  Technishield 65 Shoreditch Edition fire rated systems complete the space and contributes to the BREEAM: Excellent rating. This accomplishment spans the entire fit out from the study spaces to the gym. The University that boasts diversity in all areas from their range of courses through to their community has opted for safety as well as style in their choice of partition systems.


Islington, London

Weston Williams and Partners

Tide Construction

Fire rated for good reason

Holloway Road’s accommodation has successfully upgraded their fire security with our Technishield 65 EI60. The 65mm wide frame combined with a chosen glass thickness is what creates an insulated/integrity seal. First of all, the Technishield 65 glass door can offer 30/30 and 60/60 fire rating. This can protect students leaving the building from a fire on the opposite side of our Technishield 65 fire rated partition for up to 60 minutes. This technology is top of the range and has further been adjusted with awareness of current safety regulations in mind. We have expanded the fire rated properties of our partition, even when assembling the Technishield 65, as the fire rated silicon joints hold the partition together under extreme heat.


Fire rated doesn’t mean it can’t be stylish…

To finish the LMU private accommodation contemporary ground floor space, we included our Shoreditch Edition bands which stretch the length of the partition with lattice effect. Often called New York Loft style, we proudly display this style of partition boasting our willingness to mold our design to fit most unique architectural ideas. Our ability to create bespoke designs is unrivaled,  proven through this project. This uncommon use of contemporising a fire rated partition doesn’t affect the integrity of the system. Still giving up to 60 mins of fire protection.

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