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Interior design and glass partitions inside Dubai HSBC Bank Middle East headquarters 

HSBC Bank Middle East has recently completed an attractive fit-out at their headquarters in the heart of Emaar Square, one of the busiest business districts in the Gulf Region. After a previous fit-out for the bank, our GCC based team were called upon again to install our glass partitions and doors.

In addition, working alongside architects LOM, was a great experience. Their modernist and ambitious style was a breath of fresh air throughout the 320,000 sq ft project. Furthermore, main contractor AIG, whilst using LOM’s design, incorporated bright colours, state-of-the-art partitions and innovative interior design, Dubai based HSBC Bank Middle East employees can enjoy for years to come.

Emaar Square, Dubai



Reception area

In the reception area to the office, we installed our dynamic Revolution 100 partition systems with Edge Symmetry double glazed doors. In addition to the partition’s aesthetic charm, we independently tested the partition’s acoustic qualities. As a result of this rigorous testing and modifications process, the partition can now achieve a high acoustic rating of up to Rw51dB with two layers of 13.14 mm acoustic laminated glass. These partitions minimise sound intrusion ensuring quiet, effective meeting areas. This partition is consistently specified not only for its acoustic qualities but also for its final aesthetic, working in cohesion with the surrounding design.

Our distinctive Edge Symmetry doors can be specified in either single or double glazed versions, providing varying levels of acoustic protection. Double glazed partitions were installed to HSBC Bank Middle East for their striking aesthetic appearance and cutting-edge design. Furthermore, our Edge Symmetry doors boast an impressive acoustic rating of Rw41dB when double glazed.

We worked closely with LOM on the design specification of this Dubai fit-out. Subsequently, we installed Revolution 100 partitions with aluminium frames as housing for timber doors. As a result, the office reception area hosts a multitude of interesting design elements from purple seating fixtures to crisp white walls to specialised manifestation printed onto the Revolution 100 systems.

HSBC Bank Middle East’s glass hallway

Our sleek Revolution 100 partition systems line the narrow hallway. The partitions have been fitted to open the space, allowing natural light to flood the area. As a result, the natural wood effect doors enhance the area with warmth, only matched by the modern carpet which was installed by AIG. We supported the design of the timber doors by providing door frames to accommodate the sleek wooden doors, which sit within the partitions. This also allows the doors to sit flush against the partitions creating a seamless, sleek effect. Furthermore, the double-glazed systems feature the continuing manifestation from the reception area. The continuity of the office works effectively with HSBC Bank Middle East’s criteria as reflected in LOM’s design.

Visual privacy

In addition, we installed partitions with manifestation reflecting geometric shapes, formed to imitate graph images. As well as giving the partition an attractive finish, this manifestation effectively contributes to the partition’s safety compliance. We actively comply with all safety regulations, though take the opportunity to inject influence from the original design.


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