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KPMG Edinburgh

 A recent project saw us working alongside main contractors GHI and architects, Michael Laird in Edinburgh. KPMG’s new Edinburgh Headquarters concluded after a period of regenerative construction and development, split between 2 phases. The intention to reflect the history and people which make Edinburgh an iconic city. Phase one included creating a space for employees to work as employee wellness was at the forefront of design during this phase. When working on phase two, we installed partitions to the cafés and client suites. KPMG’s intention was to have an environment ‘that encourages interaction, collaboration and communication’.

The office, housing 300 employees is now bright, modern and infused with warm natural tones. The space has been transformed into a space bursting with personality and influences of contemporary imagination.  Our partitions work in harmony with these elements. 


Edinburgh, Scotland

Michael Laird


A warm reception

The reception is the heart of the plan and provides strong connection to both sides of the floorspace as well as the city itself. To begin, we installed Shoreditch Edition Elite Aero pocket sliding double doors which are prominent within the reception area. As a result of the design of these door, you can simply flick the switch and achieve total visual privacy. This system forms a large divide between the open, light reception area, and the charming open planned working space. We added Shoreditch bands creating contrast between the light natural wood, and the black partition frames. This works effectively due to the style and design of the partition. Contrasting the light colours of the reception area with the black Shoreditch Edition partition frames also creates a large thematic shift between spaces.  

 Working areas

Conceptually the two wings reflect the contrasting sides of Edinburgh from the irregular medieval Old Town (South Wing) and the rhythm and regularity of the New Town (North Wing). Consequently, upon entering the working space, you may notice the shift in colours. Michael Laird have kept continuity using natural wood tones. In addition to these natural tones, earthy greens and bright reds were added to open up the space with quirky and imaginative detail. Furthermore, this distinct change in the colours used creates an aesthetically interesting setting for employees to work in. Unassigned desks are present in the workspace of the north and staff are encouraged to sit wherever is convenient for them. Furthermore, open seating areas promote collaboration in this attractive working environment.


“Our objective was to create a space that enhances our client interactions and helps us to collaborate, innovate and excel.”

Catherine Burnet, Scottish Regional Chair, KPMG

Secondly, walking through the space, you will notice our beautiful Revolution 54. This design allows sunlight to penetrate these meeting rooms as well adding another element of imaginative architecture. Designing bespoke double-glazed partitions ensures partitions fit the space perfectly as well as providing acoustic privacy. 

A contemporary café 

We installed Shoreditch Edition Revolution 54 to the communal café area, which adds to the flow of the space. The Shoreditch bands match the black lighting bars, creating a harmonious flow. In addition to the design, the Revolution 54 boasts functionality in providing further acoustic reduction. We installed this to reduce any sound intrusion emanating out of the busy café, allowing focus and dynamic working.  

The dynamic doors

In short, you will find our doors cleverly installed in multiple areas of the modern office. From the café area, to the working space and client meeting rooms, we installed our dynamic doors for several specified reasons. Firstly, our doors can be designed to your specification, Shoreditch bands or manifestation can be added, as seen on the client meeting rooms. Furthermore, the glass doors within the KPMG Edinburgh HQ  have been tested and achieve an impressive acoustic rating (Edge Symmetry: Rw41dB), helping to keep meetings contained. We also have a number of finishes that can be included from black as seen in KPMG’s offices, to different tones of bronze, which you may recognise in projects such as GAM or Varde.

Edge Symmetry double glazed doors and timber doors were also used throughout the design to ensure differentiation. A bespoke double leaf door to the café entrance was used with the specification that one leaf could remain open at certain times whilst the other leaf was closed. A design technique used to control the flow of traffic in and out of the café area.


 KPMG specified an “open and collaborative space that is fun, quirky and reflects the locality”. A task achieved through interesting influxes of imaginative design. This is abundantly clear in the artistic wood panelling as seen in the reception. Intricate patterns have been cut out of timber panels and positioned on the walls around the room. The design here works in harmony with our partitions in creating an open, quirky space.  

We are proud to have contributed to this BREEAM: Excellent rated fit-out. An achievement that puts this project in the top 10% of fit-outs rated by BREEAM in regards to sustainable and environmental considerations. 

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