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Bespoke glazed partitions take acoustic performance to a whole new level at Warner Bros. new central London HQ

Warner Bros. has recently completed the fit-out of their new London headquarters in Soho. This 32,000 sq, ft, hub boasts the largest mixing stage in the UK, two large grading theatres and 45 acoustically treated cutting rooms and much more. Working alongside De Novo Architecture and main contractors BW Interiors, we created a warm and contemporary space that has been built to welcome and inspire. Our glass partitioning systems add a host of unique and elegant design features throughout whilst also delivering outstanding acoustic performance.

Ilona House, London

De Novo Architecture

BW Interiors

Bespoke glass partitions and doors create a variety of specialised acoustic spaces

Warner Bros. wanted to build a creative and peaceful working environment where employees can collaborate and thrive. Creating a visually striking space whilst also offering outstanding acoustic performance was key for Warner Bros. Optima 117 Plus single glazed facetted partitions create a collection of meeting rooms and private offices which wrap around the central glass atrium. Installing the glass partitions in this manner creates a curved look that seamlessly mirrors the shape of the space. As a result, this timelessly elegant system allows natural light to flow from the atrium, through the space creating a bright and airy feel. Achieving up to Rw35dB with 10.8mm laminated glass the system provides an open plan feel whilst also offering great acoustic privacy.

Glazed doors enhance acoustic performance

Installing Edge Symmetry single leaf doors alongside Optima 117 Plus glass partitions, enhances the elegance and performance of the design. The acoustic door integrates effortlessly into the glass partitions, not only adding to the striking aesthetic of the office but also delivering fantastic acoustic privacy. As a result, this popular single glazed door can achieve up to Rw35dB, reinforcing the acoustic performance of these meeting and private spaces. Together these systems create the ideal level of privacy whilst also retaining an open plan feel throughout.

Taking acoustic glazed partition performance to a new level

Acoustic performance of the highest level was a must within Warner’s purpose-built Automated Dialog Replacement (ADR) environment. Faced with this challenge we took the acoustic performance of our glass partitions to a new level. Therefore, we installed an Acoustic Window that links the recording and control rooms whilst delivering unrivalled acoustic performance. The bespoke window includes 12.8mm and 16.8mm thick acoustic laminate low iron glass and can achieve an incredible Rw71dB. This outstanding acoustic system hit the brief perfectly, providing the exact sound insulation required for this enhanced audio studio.

Fire-rated offices

Employee safety, including fire safety, was also a key design requirement for Warner’s new office. With this in mind,  we installed several fire-rated doors and screens throughout. Technishield 50 Shoreditch Edition fire-rated doors and side screens create a variety of offices, meeting rooms and lift lobby doors. Our fire system provides 60 minutes integrity only protection, delivering a high-performing solution that also meets the visual and practical demands of the office. Installed with a 16.8mm Pyroguard and also an 8.8mm acoustic laminated glass, the E60 door system delivers durable fire protection across the design. In addition, our unique Shoreditch bars were applied to several of the systems including Technishield 50 fire systems. The slimline aluminium framework is bonded to the glass, retaining both structural stability and high fire performance. As a result, Shoreditch bars add an industrial aesthetic to the design which is mirrored across each of the three floors.

Working on the project

Looking back over the fit-out, Project Manager, Gavin Evans commented: 

“It has been a real pleasure working on a project for such as prestigious name as Warner Bros. From start to finish, we have enjoyed working alongside BW and De Novo, collaborating with one another to bring this fantastic design together. This fit-out offered a great opportunity for me and the team to develop and strengthen our abilities and we are all very proud of the finished product.”

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