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Today, clients want and need exceptional performance when it comes to acoustic sound insulation within office environments. With the continual popularity of predominantly open plan office space, there is a growing need for quiet office rooms and meeting rooms with controllable acoustics for confidential conversations to take place. Consequently, the acoustic performance of glass partitions has become increasingly important.

We understand the dilemmas that specifiers face when selecting the right partitioning system. There are so many products to choose from, so how do you know if you have selected the product that best meets your aesthetic and acoustic requirements?

Our interactive 3D Product Animation can be used to explore 3 typical room scenarios: a conference room demanding the very best level of acoustic performance, a meeting room requiring a high level of acoustics and a quiet room, where a lower acoustic performance is acceptable.

This useful tool allows you to see in close up detail how our products interact. Zoom in on the deflection head detail, discover the options for glass to glass joints and manifestation, learn how to deal with flanking transmission and explore the products that best meet the acoustic performance that each of these 3 room scenarios demands.

The 3D interactive Product Animation is a useful starting point when specifying our glass partitioning systems; designed to illustrate the key issues that need to be addressed. The products that we’ve selected are intended as a guide – with such a diverse and flexible product range, and a wealth of knowledge and expertise, you can be confident that we can meet even the most demanding design briefs.

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