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Our Circular initiatives: Reuse and Take Back  

In today’s construction industry, product reuse stands as a linchpin of sustainability, combatting the traditional linear economy. Our commitment to the circular economy extends beyond the materials we use in our products. Through innovative glass partition circular initiatives like the Reuse and Take Back Services, we are also committed to a sustainable whole lifecycle for our products. By integrating these circular practices into the way we work, we are not just constructing spaces but setting the blueprint for a more sustainable future that emphasises reducing waste, recycling and ultimately reuse. 

Developed with both our clients and the environment in mind, both these sustainable services offer tailored ways to enhance the environmental performance of our glass partitions and doors and help our clients make significant carbon savings. Let’s see how we are leading the Circular Revolution through our Reuse and Take Back services.  

Optima Reuse service: The circular nature of our glass partitions  

The Reuse Service enables our clients to incorporate previously installed Optima glass partitions in their new design. This initiative fosters an environment where products are not merely discarded after their initial use, but are reused, thereby extending their lifecycle, and reducing waste. Developed with the circular economy in mind, the Reuse Service aims to maximise the reusability of our systems, offering a sustainable way to enhance the built environment. Successful collaboration with Mazars and Hana by Industrious highlights the effectiveness of reusing our glass partitions in their new office. Hana by Industrious saved a massive 4.1 tonnes of CO2, the same as 98% of the carbon emissions of installing completely new products.   

Nurturing the circular economy with Take Back 

In addition, the Take Back Service nurtures the circular economy for the future of glass partitions. This initiative is designed to support our clients as well as give us full control over the lifecycle of our products. We safely demount our systems separating them into principal material components and return them to our UK manufacturing facility. After, careful inspection the demounted products will either be stored ready for reuse or repurposing on future projects or segregated into the appropriate recycling. By prioritising reuse, we are not only saving resources but also transforming waste into value, encapsulating the very essence of the Circular Economy.  

Our Reuse and Take Back initiatives are not simply services; they represent a profound shift in how we perceive the life cycle of our products. Where many see an endpoint, we see the potential for a new beginning. Our collaboration with forward-thinking organisations such as Mazars and Hana by Industrious is a testament to this transformative journey. Through our innovative initiatives, we are pioneering an industry-wide transformation, redefining the way offices and buildings are designed both now and for generations to come. 

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