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Building a more sustainable future with our high-quality, low-carbon glass partitions

In an era where the threats of climate change and resource depletion loom large, it is more crucial than ever for businesses to embrace the circular economy. The old model of ‘take-make-dispose’ is not only environmentally unsustainable but also economically weak, creating crises of scarcity, pollution, and social inequality. As a leading glass partition manufacturer, we are committed to enhancing our environmental performance in everything we do. The circular economy is engrained in our culture and drives our ambitions to become the lowest-emission manufacturer of glass partitions. One of the important enhancements we have made on our journey is to adopt Hydro CIRCAL, low-carbon aluminium across our range of glass partitions and doors.  

Optima and Hydro CIRCAL: An alliance for sustainability 

A cornerstone of our circular economic approach is the adoption of Hydro CIRCAL. The lowest embodied carbon aluminium product currently available on the market, Hydro CIRCAL has significantly reduced the carbon impact of our products. Renowned for containing a minimum of 75% post-consumer scrap, Hydro CIRCAL is a testament to the sustainable future of manufacturing. As a result, we can guarantee the majority of the aluminium used in our products has reached the end of its first life and has been reintroduced into the supply chain. By adopting Hydro CIRCAL into our products we are inherently engraining the circular economy into our glass partitioning solutions. 

High-quality glass partitions, low-carbon aluminium 

We have worked closely with Hydro to ensure we are manufacturing our products with the highest recycled content of aluminium and the lowest carbon footprint. The adoption of Hydro CIRCAL means we can guarantee our clients the high-quality glass partitions they expect, made from low-carbon aluminium. Hydro guarantees a CO2 footprint of 1.9KG per 1KG of aluminium produced, the lowest embodied carbon footprint of any aluminium product available on the market. With a massive 70% reduction in the embodied carbon of Hydro’s aluminium compared with the European average of 8.6KG of CO2, this innovative, sustainable aluminium product extends our ability to minimise the environmental impact of our products.  

Aluminium: infinitely recyclable and circular 

As a material, aluminium is infinitely recyclable. In fact, recycling aluminium utilises a mere 5% of the energy required to manufacture it from raw materials. This is just another of the many outstanding features of manufacturing our systems with Hydro CIRCAL. Hydro CIRCAL aligns seamlessly with our vision, adding an unprecedented layer of sustainability to our high-quality glass partitions. As a result, Hydro CIRCAL is an empowering agent, assisting us in leading the glass partition Circular Revolution.  

Driving sustainability and decarbonisation is part of our business strategy and utilising the most sustainable materials and processes is key for us to achieve our sustainability goals. By promoting circular principles within our glass partitions, we are promoting a more sustainable built environment. The decision to move to Hydro CIRCAL in our glass partitioning systems highlights not only our commitment to continual product innovation but also to discovering and developing the most sustainable solutions.  

At a time when the call for sustainability resounds globally, we are not just listening, we are acting. The groundbreaking adoption of Hydro CIRCAL in our glass partitioning systems reflects our deep rooted commitment to utilising circular principles to drive sustainable change. For us, sustainability is not an afterthought but a guiding light, interwoven into our culture. Our journey towards decarbonisation is not one we take lightly. We recognise that the future hinges on the choices we make today, and we are unwavering in our mission to source and employ the most sustainable materials and processes. At Optima we are not just envisioning a more sustainable future for the built environment, we are creating it.

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