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Embodied carbon is estimated to account for nearly 50% of the overall carbon footprint for new construction between now and 2050. With this in mind, it is imperative that we take immediate steps to reduce our overall carbon footprint. As a UK manufacturer, we believe it is our responsibility to take the essential steps to improve our environmental performance and the environmental performance of our industry. Having implemented numerous changes and initiatives already, we are leading the way in sustainable manufacturing.   

Setting a baseline 

We are keen to do everything that this practicable to reduce our carbon emissions to zero. Therefore the first thing we did was to engage with Carbon Reduction Consultancy, Tunley Engineering to implement a carbon measurement. From here we were able to create a baseline calculation which was then used to develop a roadmap for our manufacturing operations to become net zero carbon by 2035. Our Net Zero Carbon strategy and our engrained respect for the environment drives our commitment to sustainable glass partition manufacturing. 

What actions have we taken on our roadmap to
Net Zero Carbon?

As part of our road map, we have implemented a variety of initiatives such as installing insulation to our curing and drying ovens on our state-of-the-art powder coat line. We are using air-source heat pumps in our assembly building and replacing fossil fuel boilers with electric combi boilers. All these implementations have made significant enhancements to our environmental performance. A key action we have taken along our journey to net zero carbon is to ensure that our electrical supply comes from a REGO (Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin) -backed electrical supplier. This means that the electricity we use at our UK manufacturing facility near Bath and at our Head Office in High Wycombe is renewable and is generated from clean sources such as solar or wind. We have also introduced several zero-emission and hybrid vehicles into our fleet, helping us to drive down our carbon footprint.

That’s not all, we continually look at the factors that distinguish us as a leader in the development of environmental and sustainable materials. As a result, we have made massive strides with the introduction of plant-based biofilm and FSC™ cardboard packaging. 100% recyclable, these environmental packing innovations have allowed us to eliminate single-use plastics throughout our packaging. All of these developments and innovations allow us to continuously drive sustainable glass partition manufacturing.  

Sustainability at the forefront  

We have taken the decision to put the environment at the forefront of our decision-making processes. This is included in the design of our award-winning products. This has led to the decision to move to Hydro CIRCAL, a unique low-carbon aluminium billet in our products. We are incredibly proud of this huge development and it has completely changed the game when it comes to the sustainable enhancement of our products. With the lowest embodied carbon of any aluminium available on the market, Hydro CIRCAL offers a significantly more sustainable material. Made from a minimum of 75% post-consumer recycled content, this important innovation minimised the carbon footprint of our products.

We will be saving 3,621 tonnes of embodied carbon

The introduction of Hydro CIRCAL will alone save 3,621 tonnes of embodied carbon. Whilst we have been using recycled aluminium in our glass partitioning solutions for some time now, the move to Hydro CIRCAL enables us to increase this amount even further. As a result, this reinforces our commitment to discovering the most sustainable solutions available to us.  

We know how important it is not only for ourselves but for our clients to be offering the most sustainable options to enhance the environmental performance of their projects. By adopting Hydro CIRCAL, we can guarantee our clients the high-quality glass partitions and doors they expect from us, now with the lowest embodied carbon aluminium. With a carbon footprint of 2.3kg per 1kg of aluminium, we are incredibly proud to say that we are the only UK manufacturer other than Hydro themselves who are using Hydro CIRCAL. 

Modern methods of construction with the Adaptable Meeting Room 

We are optimising the use of modern methods of construction with our Adaptable Meeting Rooms (AMR). Adaptable, reusable and sustainable, these modular fit-out quality offices and meeting rooms can be quickly installed on-site. This has the result of reducing waste and transport to site considerably whilst still providing the same level of quality you would expect from a conventional fit-out, without the same level of onsite installation. Fully reusable, we can quickly and easily install the AMR in one location and when a client moves or no longer needs the product at the end of the lease, we can take it down and reinstall it somewhere else, extending the lifecycle of the product. Just like the Adaptable Meeting Room, we design all our products with reusability and the circular economy in mind. This is key to how we work now and in the future. 

Why is it important to us?  

“At Optima, we are constantly looking at ways of self-improvement and additionally looking at opportunities to make our industry better. Constantly considering the future and our role in it, we have made massive strides towards our goals of Sustainable Development in every aspect of the business. As a leading manufacturer of high-quality, sustainable glass partitions solutions, we are completely dedicated to achieving our environmental and sustainability targets and contributing to the overall success of meeting the UK’s 2050 net zero goal. As an ethical manufacturer, we believe it is our responsibility to lead the way in sustainable manufacturing. I am fully committed to reducing Optima’s carbon footprint to zero and personally this is something we are accelerating as a business.” Christian Mabey, Managing Director, Optima Products Limited.  

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