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Acoustic glass partitions boost privacy at Jab’s new London office 

Jab have recently completed the fit-out of their new London headquarters. This bright and airy new space offers this investment company a variety of different workspaces for their employees to gain the most out of their impressive workspace. Alongside main contractor Area Sq and architects ÜberRaum, we created a stylish, modern working environment that looks out over scenic Paddington. Our glass partitions and doors not only add an elegant touch to the project but also allow natural light to flood the space, enhancing Jab’s office tremendously.

Eastbourne Terrace, London


Area Sq

Acoustic performance for confidentiality

Building an open and dynamic space whilst ensuring acoustic privacy where necessary for Jab was crucial. They wanted to create a comfortable office where their employees can collaborate easily whilst also providing private and confidential areas. With this in mind, we installed Revolution 100 double glazed partitions throughout the office. Adding a sleek and sophisticated look whilst also delivering impressive acoustic performance, this popular system hit the design brief perfectly. With one layer of 12mm toughened glass and one of 12.8mm acoustic laminated glass this acoustic system achieves up to Rw48dB. We created a number of private offices and meeting rooms adjoining from the central communal area. As a result, our acoustic glass partitions maintain an open plan feel whilst providing several private solo work and meeting areas at Jab.

In addition, double glazed Edge Symmetry doors installed extensively across the fit-out further enhances the acoustic privacy and aesthetic design. This acoustic door system achieves up to Rw41dB with one layer of 6mm and a layer of 8mm toughened glass. This acoustic framed door is the result of considerable research and development over the years and brings high-performance to every project. Edge Symmetry doors integrate seamlessly into Jab’s new office, continuing their elegant open plan aesthetic whilst offering excellent acoustic performance.

Bespoke design and visual privacy

Alongside acoustic privacy, we have introduced an aspect of visual privacy at Jab’s Paddington office. For their central boardroom we installed Revolution 100 double glazed systems with Switchable glass. This unique element provides instant visual privacy at the flick of switch. When switched on, an electrical current is applied which changes the properties of the glass and instantly turns it from opaque to clear. This is a popular choice for boardrooms like the one at Jab’s new office, providing a versatile and stylish solution. Integrating Switchable glass not only offers a unique design feature to this investment company’s new space, but it also delivers enhanced privacy to the design. This unique design feature is easily incorporated into our Revolution 100 system and offers a seamless way to adapt their office to the needs of the business, creating privacy in the open. To further enhance the level of privacy in the boardroom Switchable glass was also integrated into our Edge Affinity single glazed doors. Achieving up to Rw39dB, this door not only enhances the acoustic privacy of the boardroom but the visual privacy too.

What a project to work on

Looking back over this fantastic project, ÜberRaum Director and Co-Founder Markus Seifermann, commented:

“We have enjoyed working in collaboration with Optima on this fantastic project for Jab in London. Optima’s glass partitions and doors added to the sophisticated aesthetic of the design whilst delivering high-performance acoustic solutions that hit the clients brief perfectly. It was a pleasure to work with Martyn Smith and rest of the Optima Special Works team to create an elegant and successful finished project.”

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