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Glass partitions enhance Aura Power’s new Bristol headquarters 

Aura Power have recently completed the fit-out of their headquarters in Bristol. Located on the beautiful Queen Square in the centre of the city, this industrial style office offers a contemporary design. Our glass partitions and doors create a light, open workspace for this leading global developer of renewable energy projects. Working alongside our clients Joinery Systems and main contractor CIS we provided a sleek and fresh industrial style workspace. 

Queen Square, Bristol

Joinery Systems


Acoustic glass partitions in Bristol foster collaboration  

Collaboration was a key design requirement for Aura Power’s new office layout. With this in mind, we installed a number of glass partitions and doors that promote collaboration throughout the space in Bristol. Revolution 54 Plus double glazed partitions were used to create a large meeting room, offering great acoustic privacy whilst also maintaining a sense of openness through the office. This high-performance acoustic system delivers up to Rw46dB with two layers of 12.8mm thick laminate glass, therefore providing enhanced privacy. This system allows colleagues to work together effectively without any disturbances from the outer office. Furthermore, the aesthetic appeal of this popular glass partition offers a stylish and effective way to ensure privacy is maintained without compromising on design.  

Equally important, Edge Symmetry double glazed doors enhance this meeting space further, providing extensive acoustic performance in one attractive system. Achieving up to Rw33dB, this beautiful double door system delivers the ideal acoustic privacy for a variety of working styles. By integrating these two acoustic systems we were able to create an office space that transitions seamlessly between different working environments.  

Contemporary meeting rooms and phone booths  

By installing our sleek glass partitioning systems and doors we have created a private meeting room and collection of phone booths. Whether it is for private working or a quick chat over a project, these spaces offer a great escape from the rest of the office. Built with Optima 117 Plus single glazed partitions, the meeting room works perfectly to divide up the open floor plan. Furthermore, this single glazed system delivers Rw38dB with 12.8mm acoustic laminated glass, creating a beautiful private room out of the open space. Furthermore, the meeting room was completed with a pair of Axile Clarity single glazed doors. Installed with 12mm thick toughened glass this single door achieves Rw33dB, therefore providing the required acoustic performance. This elegant frameless door system integrates flawlessly with the Optima 117 Plus glass partitions, finishing the room perfectly.   

We also installed this toughened glass door to create a pair of phone booths, situated in the centre of the office. This unique addition to the design offers multiple spaces where people can step away from their desk and work independently. Great for taking a private phone call or completing some work, they add to the design, cleverly utilising the space.   

Working with us

Reflecting on the project Rob Stiles from Joinery Systems commented:

“Optima’s positive attitude throughout the entire project helped make this build such a success. As architects, we can get obsessed with the detail – we looked at several glazing systems and Optima had by far the best ironmongery, finishes and details. It was a pleasure to work with Michael Bone and the rest of the team to create a great looking finished product for Aura Power.” 

We always strive to provide the highest quality products throughout all our work. We also treat every project as an opportunity to learn and develop our expertise further as a business. Determined to be the first choice internationally for glazed partitioning systems we offer a bespoke service that delivers above and beyond.  

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