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Colourful manifestation on our Kinetic Series doors and screens in Baker McKenzie’s London offices

Baker McKenzie’s offices in New Bridge Street has been equipped with the latest in glass partitions. These partitions make up a large part of the theme of their newly designed London Headquarters. Alongside designer, KKS Strategy and main contractor, Twenty1 Construction we have provided a fit-out bursting with vibrant colour and innovative design.

New Bridge Street, London

KKS Strategy

Twenty1 Construction


Twenty1 Construction installed vibrant green, yellow and white art pieces around the office, cleverly used as space dividers. Running parallel to these artistic dividers, we installed our partitions. The space between the dividers and our partitions creates colourful and imaginative corridors.

This is where we installed Kinetic series screens and sliding doors. We used our Kinetic series to give a seamless transition between glass partitions and doors. The Kinetic sliding door is also dynamic in its space saving functionality. Sliding doors allow for optimal use of the space, giving the client the opportunity to take full advantage of the small offices.

The Kinetic Align sliding door is inserted with acoustic seals providing a heightened acoustic performance. We rigorously test our partitions and doors against national UKAS standards. Consequently, the Kinetic Align achieves an impressive Rw33dB a factor that was attractive to KKS Strategy. These doors and screens give these meeting offices good protection from outside noise intrusions.


KKS used our partitions as a canvas to further project their theme. Subsequently, we began work fitting our partitions with specially designed manifestation. There were four unique designs for this manifestation; featuring either solid colour, colour and text, text alone, or a linear pattern. These different designs were spread around the office, breaking up the space and bringing further personality to the partitions.

The contrasting colours work well in dividing the space. The busy office is full to the brim with quirky features and unique architectural designs. Our partitions and manifestation break away from the yellow, white and green colour scheme, introducing a vibrant shade of red. This striking red manifestation sets these smaller offices apart from the open space, also providing visual privacy.

On the other hand, as well as our red manifestation, we installed the partitions and doors with black frames. These frames suit the overall theme set out by KKS. The colour contrast between the red manifestation and black frames works well, giving depth to the hallways and making them seem wider.

As one of our most vibrant and imaginative fit-outs to date, we are proud of the result.

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