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BC NOHO’s stunning curved atrium glazing 

The London offices of BC Noho were recently installed to the highest standard with some impressive feats of bespoke partitioning.

The offices are near such London hotspots as the iconic BT Tower, Facebook’s London headquarters and The Royal Institute of British Architects. On this project, we worked with main contractors Interserve and architects, Barr Gazetas across two levels.


30 Cleveland Street, London

Barr Gazetas



Our design team worked to specification, manufacturing a beautifully curved partition to serve as BC Noho’s central atrium glazing. This partition was created using high-performing 17.5mm partition glass. 

The main feature specified by architects Barr Gazetas is that the system was to be made to suit the shape of the room. This presents challenges in the design process. Our designer, Anuska Appleyard worked hard using AutoCAD to design this bespoke system. BC Noho’s atrium glazing was required to fulfil a variety of functions, such as protecting against a single storey void. This is due to the curved system sitting on the first floor of the building. 

As a result, the grand aesthetic of this partition is apparent on entering the chic space. The curve envelopes the reception at a height, creating the illusion of a bigger space. In addition to giving the space depth, this clever design works in cohesion with the décor, matching the colour of the structural steel beams scattered around the space. 

Furthermore, we installed the Revolution 54 stretching downwards from the atrium glazing to the ground floor, partitioning off the reception area from a separate open-plan space. This is an ingenious piece of design. Anuska designed the curved glazing and the ground floor partition separately. Then with precise measurements in AutoCAD she constructed the two partitions to fit together perfectly. This design boasts bespoke quality with imagination, creating a seamless transition between ground floor and first floor systems. 

Doors and screens

In short, we installed a number of dynamic doors and screens into this ambitious fit-out. Our Technishield 65 EI30 screen was installed with a stylish double glazed Edge Affinity half door set. The half-door was installed to suit the needs and space restrictions specified. In addition, we also added cranked pull handles to give another element of quality in design. Barr Gazetas specified these bronze door handles in order to boldly contrast to the black frames of the doors, infusing another element of modern design.

Furthermore, we equipped BC Noho with our fire rated screens into the London Headquarters. Technishield screens offer integrity and insulated protection for up to 60 minutes. Our client specified these doors for their attractive modern reception area. We also applied Shoreditch Edition bands to reinforce the modernist theme throughout the unique fit-out.

You can also find the Shoreditch Edition double glazed Edge Affinity rebated double door set within the space. In addition to adding our stylish Shoreditch bands, we test the Edge Affinity doors in accredited acoustic labs. As a result,  we have found that the door provides a great acoustic value of Rw39dB.

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