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Elegant acoustic glass partitions enhance this international finance services firm’s City of London office

This internationally renowned financial services firm recently undertook a remarkable office fit-out in the City of London. Collaborating with architects TP Bennett LLP and main contractor Overbury, we sought to create a sophisticated and elegant workspace that reflected their culture and values. Our glass partitions not only added a refined touch to the office but also offered adaptability and exceptional acoustic performance. This financial firm placed a strong focus on creating a working environment that promotes employee well-being whilst creating an eclectic space. Our sleek, stylish, and high-quality glass partitioning solutions seamlessly embody their prestigious brand while ensuring a welcoming and conducive work environment for their employees.

City of London

TP Bennett


Outstanding elegant acoustic glass partition performance

One of the key considerations for this firm’s office design was achieving excellent acoustic performance. Maintaining privacy and ensuring a comfortable, productive work environment is essential in a bustling, open office. Therefore, we installed a selection of our elegant acoustic glass partition solutions to meet the varying acoustic needs of the office. Revolution 100 double glazed systems installed across the three floors of the design, create a variety of acoustic spaces to enhance the working environment for colleagues. From individual offices and private workspaces to large boardrooms and unique presentation spaces, this acoustic system delivers impressive sound privacy. Achieving up to Rw51dB, this elegant acoustic glass partition adds a distinctive aesthetic feature to highlight this financial services firm’s brand whilst delivering enhanced acoustic performance.

Exceeding acoustic expectations

Furthermore, Revolution 54 Plus glass partitions exceeded expectations by delivering exceptional acoustic ratings throughout this stylish office. This high-performance acoustic system ensured that confidential conversations remained confidential and minimised disruptions caused by external noise, enabling employees to focus and perform at their best. With an acoustic rating of up to Rw46dB with two layers of 12.8mm low iron acoustic laminate glass, Revolution 54 Plus hits the client’s acoustic brief perfectly.

Elevating the design with unique curved glass partitions

One of the highlights of this project was the incorporation of curved Revolution 100 glass partitions. This cutting-edge system offered a unique and high-performance glass partitioning solution, elevating the design and significantly enhancing the overall employee experience. The curved design added a sense of fluidity and dynamism to the office space. This innovative design elevation not only served as a visual statement but also created a welcoming and open atmosphere. The gentle curvature of the partitions softened the overall aesthetic, fostering a comfortable and stress-free environment for employees to thrive. The selection of curved glass partitions was not merely about functionality; it was a statement of the firm’s commitment to innovation and employee-centric design. By choosing these cutting-edge glass partitions, the company showcased its dedication to creating a progressive and forward-thinking work environment. Offering a unique and high-performance solution these curved systems elevated the office design, enhancing the employee experience

Enhancing the Office Aesthetics and Sophistication

Revolution 100 and Revolution 54 Plus double glazed partitions became the epitome of elegance in our client’s new office fit-out. With their sleek and stylish design, these partitions seamlessly integrated into the office’s interior, enhancing its overall aesthetics. The glass partitions allowed natural light to flow freely throughout the space, creating an open and cohesive atmosphere. Promoting natural light throughout the office, our systems build a sense of collaboration among employees, promoting a positive work culture.

An Array of Door Systems Enhancing the Refined Design

Complementing the glass partitions, our door systems added a further touch of sophistication to this investment company’s office. The Bi-parting Kinetic Aero Shoreditch Edition sliding doors and Kinetic Align sliding doors offered smooth and seamless transitions between spaces while exuding a sense of modernity. The addition of Edge Affinity acoustic glass doors provides an elegant and acoustic solution for meeting rooms and private areas. Additionally, the installation of Timber doors added warmth and a classic touch to the overall design, creating a harmonious blend of contemporary and traditional elements. As well as adding a classic aesthetic, these Timber doors further enhance the acoustic performance of several executive boardrooms across the first floor. Moreover, Technishield 65 EI30 and EI60 fire-rated doors lead into the wider office on each of the three floors. Installed with a unique arched Shoreditch Edition framework at the top of the doors, these fire doors deliver high-performing solutions that perfectly meet the visual and practical demands of the office.

Bi-parting Kinetic sliding door adds dramatic design feature to breakout areas

Bi-parting Kinetic Aero sliding door adds a unique, space-saving solution that also adds dramatic design to the office. This Shoreditch Edition sliding door seamlessly divides the open breakout and kitchen area from their designated “Games Room”. The top floor is dedicated to the health and wellness of their employees, providing a host of areas where colleagues can relax and enjoy the incredible view across the city. Installed with our Shoreditch Edition bars, our distinctive aluminium framework adds a sophisticated yet rustic look to the space. This timeless aesthetic blends with the refined and relaxed style of the “Games Room” space, creating an area where colleagues can connect away from their desks.

A final note

Our client’s new City of London office fit-out showcases the remarkable integration of our high-performance glass partitioning solutions. The systems not only enhance the office’s elegance but also provide functionality and exceptional acoustic performance. Furthermore, our glass partitions and doors successfully reflect this financial services firm’s brand while creating a welcoming and productive work environment that prioritizes employee well-being. This collaboration between ourselves, TP Bennett, Overbury, and the client set a new standard for office fit-outs, combining aesthetics, functionality, and acoustic excellence.

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