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Innovative glass Adaptable Meeting Rooms create dynamic office neighbourhood at leading Financial and Technology firm’s new London HQ

Our client, a leading financial and technology firm, recently embarked on an ambitious project for their new London office located in the prestigious Bishopsgate area. Collaborating with Perkins & Will, Mace and ourselves, they sought to reimagine their workspace with an emphasis on flexibility and efficiency. The highlight of this project was the integration of our innovative Adaptable Meeting Room (AMR) solutions. The success of this cutting-edge fit-out owes much to the collaborative efforts with main contractor, Mace and architect Perkins + Will. We worked together to translate our client’s vision into reality. Mace and Perkins &Will brought their expertise in creating sophisticated, refined and unique designs, while our unique Adaptable Meeting Rooms provided the flexibility and innovation required. Together, we sculpted an employee-centric office space, where the workforce can collaborate and take full advantage of the new office.  

Bishopsgate, London

Perkins + Will


Optima Adaptable Meeting Room designing for the future

Creating a dynamic space that can easily adapt to this financial firm’s evolving needs was crucial. The solution? A combination of our unique Adaptable Meeting Rooms (AMR) and glass partitioning systems, creating the perfect flexible, harmonious working environment. Designed with reusability in mind, the Adaptable Meeting Room offers our client the perfect office solution to meet their ever-evolving needs. Unlike traditional meeting rooms, the Adaptable Meeting Room is a dynamic freestanding office solution designed to adapt to any space. With its modular nature, these innovative glass meeting rooms offer an intelligent way to maximise the potential of our client’s office today and also in the future.

Sustainable Innovation: the demountable, relocatable, and reusable design of the Adaptable Meeting Room

In today’s world, where sustainability and reducing embodied carbon are paramount, the Adaptable Meeting Room (AMR) stands out with its unique and pioneering sustainable design features. The Adaptable Meeting Room is completely demountable, relocatable, and reusable, delivering a truly sustainable solution for the modern office. With this in mind, the AMR offered our client the perfect sustainable solution to meet not only their need for flexibility but also their sustainable design requirements. Furthermore, the reusability of the AMR not only offers sustainable benefits from an ecological perspective but also promotes the principles of the circular economy. By allowing systems to be easily taken down and reconfigured quickly and without waste, our innovative glass meeting rooms align with our shared environmentally conscious business practices. When it comes to re-designing or relocating the office, the AMR provides a seamless transition, eliminating the need for extensive alterations or expensive replacements. This blend of convenience, environmental responsibility, and adaptability also sets a precedent in office design, reinforcing our commitment to responsible innovation and catering to the changing needs of the contemporary workspace.

Transforming the office with Adaptable Meeting Room neighbourhoods

Creating a working environment that promotes and supports various working styles in one, contemporary space was also key for our client. Standalone or configured in collections of agile meeting spaces, we created a distinctive and functional inner office neighbourhood. Ranging in sizes from 1.8m x 2.2m, 2 x 3m, 3x3m, 3m x 3m and 5m x 3m the Adaptable Meeting Room offers the ideal solution to meet our client’s variety of different working styles. Whether employees are looking for single person focus booths to complete some private work or a large meeting room where colleagues can collaborate, the AMR offers the ideal office solution. Spread across their contemporary new office, this collection of 14 AMRs has transformed the space, creating a community of private and also collaborative workspaces.

Added flair with glass system partitions 

Alongside the numerous Adaptable Meeting Rooms, we also installed several of our glass partitions. Revolution 54 Plus doubled glazed partitions provide excellent acoustic performance, aesthetic appeal, and adaptability to our client’s new space. One of our most popular systems, this innovative glazed partition adds an elegant and high-performance solution. With acoustic performance also a high priority in their new office, this stylish system brings great sound privacy to the design. Installed with two layers of 12.8mm thick acoustic laminate glass, Revolution 54 Plus can achieve up to RW48dB, enhancing privacy and also creating a healthy and comfortable working environment.

To sum up

The Adaptable Meeting Room has redefined the concept of the traditional workspace for our clients. Incorporating this innovative glass meeting room system in their new Bishopsgate office not only amplified the aesthetic appeal but also enhanced the functionality, adaptability and sustainability of the workspace.

This successful project serves as a benchmark for how future office spaces can be designed. The case of this financial firm’s London office exemplifies a shift towards a more intelligent, flexible, and also sustainable work environment that resonates with modern business needs. It is also a testament to the endless possibilities that innovations like the Adaptable Meeting Room can offer, setting new standards in office design and utility. 

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