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Industry Collaboration and Design Excellence: First Love Foundation’s New Home 

The First Love Foundation, a legal advice service and charity in Tower Hamlets, London, has recently received a new office designed to nurture and care for people. The project was a heartwarming industry collaboration effort, with Gensler, StructureTone, BW: Workplace Experts, us and many others playing pivotal roles in creating this unique space. The office serves as the central hub for the foundation’s activities, providing a welcoming, private, and safe environment for visitors and staff. The new space includes a ground-floor client advice center offering comfort and warmth to those in need. Our glass partitions at First Love Foundation, add to the elegant design of the office whilst providing high-performance solutions which they reused from their previous office.  

Clove Crescent, London


BW: Workplace Experts/StructureTone

Who are First Love Foundation?  

First Love Foundation, a specialist legal advice service and charity based in Tower Hamlets has been dedicated to delivering advice services and continuing their mission of tackling poverty and social injustice in the area since 2010. Their holistic model has supported thousands of people facing crisis in one of the UK’s most deprived boroughs, helping them to get their lives back on track. 

How we contributed to this fantastic industry collaboration project 

We contributed to this fantastic voluntary industry collaboration project by installing a selection of our glass partitions and doors. Alongside Gensler and all the other contributors, we transformed their office space into a vibrant and functional work environment that reflects the First Love Foundation’s values.  

Gensler’s design approach focused on creating a safe and welcoming environment, ensuring privacy for confidential conversations and clear sightlines throughout all areas for safety. This is where our glass partitions come in, Optima 117 Plus single glazed partitions at the office entrance on level 5 provide a stylish and functional solution. This iconic system not only adds a timeless elegance to the reception area but, more importantly, it works as a window into the world of First Love Foundation. Achieving up to Rw38dB with 12.8mm acoustic laminate glass, Optima 117 Plus provides the ideal solution to create a safe space that feels welcoming for visitors whilst offering privacy for confidential conversations. 

Frameless glass doors enrich visual design and functionality 

Furthermore, we enriched both the visual aesthetic and functional performance of this sleek glass partition with the installation of an Axile Clarity door. This elegant frameless toughened glass door integrates seamlessly with Optima 117 Plus partitions creating a sophisticated entrance area. This effortless combination of the glass partition and door forms a beautiful and welcoming space for colleagues and visitors. Achieving up to Rw33dB, the frameless glass doors provide impressive acoustic performance whilst maintaining an expansive, open design that floods the entrance with natural light.  

Elevating First Love Foundation’s design by reusing our glass partitions 

Creating a space that supports First Love Foundation’s critical work whilst also supporting the environment was key. With this in mind, the legal advice charity took full advantage of our Reuse Service, incorporating glass partitions from their previous office.  By reusing both the Optima 117 Plus glass partitions and Axile Clarity door system they were able to utilise these high-performance solutions and extend their lifecycle. In perfect condition and ready to be reinstalled in their new home, the existing glass partitions provided a smart and sustainable solution to meet the bespoke design requirements of the project and enhance the environmental performance of the project. Reusing our glass partitions at First Love Foundation not only offered a smart solution to enhance their new office but also promotes circular design throughout. 

Repurposing Edge Affinity doors  

In addition to reusing our existing glass partitions, we utilised three surplus Edge Affinity doors on this project. Our thoughtful utilisation of the surplus glass doors in First Love Foundation project exemplifies both, the charities, and our commitment to sustainable and innovative design. By repurposing these doors, they demonstrated a dedication to environmental responsibility and enhanced the functionality of the office space. By incorporating these acoustic glass doors into the design we created three distinct phone booth spaces that seamlessly branch off from the communal area. Achieving up to Rw42dB these double glazed doors provide users with a private and acoustically optimised environment for confidential calls, focused individual work, or simply a retreat from the bustling outer office. This resourceful approach not only adds practical value to the space but also aligns with the foundation’s ethos of making the most of available resources to support their mission. 

Industry collaboration for a great cause  

The heartwarming industry effort has created a new home for First Love Foundation to thrive. This collaborative endeavour reflects the industry’s commitment to supporting fantastic causes such as the foundation’s mission. It also signifies the power of the design and construction industry’s support in creating positive social impact. We are incredibly proud to have been a part of this amazing industry collaboration, building First Love Foundation’s new home. Congratulations to Gensler and everyone who helped bring this well-deserved project to life.  

A testament to the industry’s positive social impact  

In conclusion, First Love Foundation’s new office fit-out is a testament to the remarkable collaboration between industry leaders and the unwavering commitment to creating a space that embodies warmth, comfort, and support for those in need. This heartwarming initiative is a shining example of how the industry’s support can generate profound and positive social impact in the community. 

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