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Our glass partitions and lift lobby doors in London’s Camden Civic Centre

Camden Council’s offices at Five Pancras Square, King’s Cross, is a unique mixed-use development. Ultimately, incorporating a leisure centre and library as well as multiple floors of offices. Furthermore, this provides a focal point for face-to-face customer interaction. The Council also wanted the opportunity to enhance services provided to residents. Our London based installation teams played a vital role in providing glazed partitions, lift lobby doors and eventually contributing to the centerpiece of the building.

5 Pancras Square, Kings Cross, London

Bennetts Associates


Creative, innovative and open-minded

The Council has consolidated several services into one building, a task previously thought to be particularly challenging. Bennetts Associates’ design and our partitions provide seamless transitions between rooms in vibrant space. The Council has been able to improve the customers’ journey throughout the building. In addition, architect Bennetts Associates have created an environment where the council can collaborate more efficiently within the organisation. Furthermore, Kier’s installation team followed Bennetts Associates’ design to create open-plan, light, break-out areas. This facilitated the council becoming more creative, innovative and open-minded with a key part of this being the inclusion of our glazed partitions.

Glazed partitions add colour to the design

After visiting several of our installation sites throughout the capital, the client was impressed with the quality of the bespoke products on offer. Subsequently, Camden Council chose us to deliver glazed partitions throughout this innovative project. In addition, what proved central to the design of this building was a vast and expansive lobby area. We created bespoke back painted glass to suit the impressive design set by Bennetts Associates. Furthermore, the unique and striking glass serves as a focal point for visitors and sets the tone for the rest of the impressive building.

Our specialist teams manufactured and installed an assortment of glass systems to the 13-storey building. Consequently, we fitted an impressive Revolution 54 double-glazed partition system into the main office. A system boasting high acoustic value (Rw45dB) as well as an impressive finish. Furthermore, our glass solutions offered agile working for the large number of employees occupying eleven floors of the new council site. After fitting our glass partitions, they proved to create a flexible and spacious open-plan workplace. This improved interaction and collaboration, a key objective of the council.

Lift lobby doors 

Having already met specific client expectations, we were specified to begin fitting our glass doors. Consequently, we installed our lift lobby doors (Technishield) on the lobby of every floor throughout the 13-storey building. Our doors were required to have a fire rating of 60-minute with both integrity and insulation and were provided alongside powered openers and access control, ensuring the safety requirements of the building were met.

Vibrancy in design

Our glass partitions and lift lobby doors also brought colour to the Council of Camden’s theme with colours such as pink, green, and blue used for back painted glass as specified in the design. We used vibrant colours to indicate different floors, with the manifestation also including a bold 6ft number.

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