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State-of-the-art glass partitions in Macclesfield’s Peaks and Plains offices 

Glazed partitions and doors were incorporated into this project to create a dynamic and homely feel to the office environment. Being our first installation for glass partitions in Macclesfield, we were proud of breaking into a new area. A bespoke scheme was developed in order to facilitate improved communications, sharing of resources and bringing working relationships closer. We worked within a tight schedule installing our glass partitions in Macclesfield’s PPHT offices, which proved challenging, however, we were delighted when the project won “Public Sector Interiors Project of the Year” at the region’s most prestigious awards ceremony for the interiors industry, Mixology North. So, congratulations to BAND Architects and Brown and Bancroft Interiors!



Ropewalks, Newton Street, Macclesfield

BAND Architects

Brown and Bancroft

Promoting collaboration, communication and well-being

Firstly, Macclesfield-based housing association Peaks & Plains Housing Trust (PPHT) decided to upgrade their 11,500 sq ft office space. Secondly, PPHT decided that the key to the design was creating a homely feel that would inspire and motivate. On the other hand, the project was reflective of the diverse communities within which the trust works. The intention was to bring together core operations into one single floor. Furthermore, PPHT wanted to incorporate several bespoke partitioning systems. Looking back, this innovative workspace now promotes collaboration, communication, and well-being amongst staff through a variety of different settings.

Glazed partitions and “Work Pods” create a vibrant space

Brought in by the client late in the design process, we worked closely with BAND Architects. The contractor Brown & Bancroft (B&B) Interiors were commissioned to create a completely new work environment. The offices previously spread over three floors at the town’s Ropewalks building. Now B&B have updated the space into a vibrant new open-plan layout for the trust’s 130 employees. B&B fit a multitude of different areas, for example, offices, meeting rooms, work pods and two kitchens. The space was stripped back to its shell and the fit-out incorporated a new lighting scheme, air conditioning, flooring, and decoration throughout. As a result, the use of glass partitioning was paramount in striking the right balance between the open plan layout and enclosed spaces, as well as defining routes throughout the large floorplate.

In addition, we developed several bespoke solutions including Shoreditch Edition glass screens and doors with their distinctive lattice framework. Furthermore, Shoreditch Edition glazing was used to create the meeting pods which also works well with the Siberian larch cladding.

Seamless delivery

Once again, we were able to bring design expertise and precision to the table. Practical solutions were devised in order to achieve the architect’s inspired design. On the other hand, some challenges were presented throughout the project. Tight programme deadlines and some complex design issues proved problematic. Finding no fixing detail at the head of our Shoreditch Edition partitions was unforeseen, however, we developed a bespoke steel post detail to ensure structural stability and compliance with Building Regulations.

Reflecting upon the project’s success, Chris Thomason, our Operations Manager said: “We are proud to have worked with the project team on this innovative space and are delighted that BAND Architects were awarded the Public Sector interiors Project of the Year at the Mixology North Awards 2017.”

In conclusion, the end result is a stunning award-winning workspace for Peaks and Plains. BAND Architect’s innovative design, which is reflective of both domestic and urban living, has successfully created a new sense of identity for the housing association. Furthermore, the use of natural materials and a neutral colour palette helps to create a tranquil environment within the core working area, whilst the striking work pods add vibrancy. In short, our glazed partitions have played an integral role in the creation of a unique and inspirational space which fosters collaboration and communication.

“We were delighted to work with Band Architects and Brown and Bancroft on this innovative space. Congratulations on winning the Mixology North Award 2017.”

Chris Thomason. Optima North, Operations Manager

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