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Global law firm saved 87% of greenhouse gas emissions by reusing glass partitions and doors at new London HQ

This Global law firm has recently completed the fit-out of their new HQ in the City of London. Located in the heart of the capital, the decision to move to this prestigious address comes after significant growth over the last few years. The international law firm’s new space spans over two floors and offers a premium, collaborative office that has fully incorporated the circular economy. Alongside architects Perkins & Will and main contractor BW Workplace Experts, we created a bright and dynamic working environment that caters to a variety of different working styles. Our glass partitions and doors create an airy open plan layout that also offers the ideal acoustic privacy throughout. This global law firm took advantage of the Reuse Service by reusing more than 40% of our existing glass partitions in their new London HQ. 

City of London

Perkins + Will

BW Workplace Experts

Calculating the carbon emissions for Global law firm

Working in collaboration with Tunley Environmental we have identified the emissions sources and calculated the data of our client’s fit-out compared with installing the same, new products. In doing so, we can highlight how measurable change can be made through the reuse of our glass partitioning systems. Tunley conducted an independent assessment to quantify the CO2 emissions associated with reusing our products. The total emissions in tonnes of carbon dioxide for the reusing of the existing Optima products was 2.7 compared with 21.5 when installing the same, brand-new products. Our client saved an impressive 18.8 tonnes of carbon emissions through the reuse of their existing Optima installed glass partitioning systems. By reusing our products in their new office this law firm saved an incredible 87% of greenhouse gas emissions. This significant saving is equivalent to the annual gas consumption of more than 7 UK households.

This carbon assessment perfectly demonstrates our commitment to developing the most sustainable solutions for our clients whilst improving our environmental performance as a UK manufacturer. By calculating and comparing the carbon emissions associated with their project, we can highlight how our client made a significant carbon saving by choosing to reuse our glass partitioning systems. As a leader in the Circular Revolution, we believe it is our responsibility to minimise the carbon footprint of our products and processes whilst delivering the high-quality projects our client expect from us. See the full Carbon Assessment Report for more information.

Getting the most out of our glass partitions and doors with the Reuse Service

When this global law firm decided to move to their new London HQ, they wanted to do it in the most sustainable way and with the least impact on the environment. With this in mind, they took advantage of our unique Reuse Service, enabling them to incorporate our glass partitions from their previous office in their new design. As a result, we were able to go back into their old office and inspect all our existing systems to ensure they were fit for reuse. In almost perfect condition with only some minor blemishes, we were able to reuse 42% of the existing systems.  Reusing our glass partitions provides our client with a smart way to utilise our products in their new design. Furthermore, this sustainable service extends the lifecycle of our glass partitions, ensuring they meet their full potential time and time again.

Reusing our Revolution 100 glass partitions and Edge Symmetry doors offered the ideal solution for this international law firm. The existing systems in their previous office were not only in perfect condition but they also met the exact acoustic and design brief for their new space. Therefore, it made complete sense to reuse these acoustic systems, providing them not only with a more sustainable option for their new space but also guarantee that the products being installed were high-quality and high-performance.

Saving on carbon emissions, not on acoustic performance

Creating a sustainable office space wasn’t the only key design requirement for our client’s new London HQ, acoustic performance was also top of their list. The new space will continue to utilise an open floor working environment, encouraging collaboration and interaction between colleagues. With this in mind, it was crucial to create acoustic privacy throughout the open-plan layout.

Adaptability of Revolution 100 glass partitions

The reused Revolution 100 double glazed partitions allow natural light to flow through the office and maintain a sense of openness whilst delivering impressive acoustic performance. Achieving up to Rw51dB with two layers of 12.8mm acoustic laminate glass, this elegant system provides the perfect acoustic solution. One of our most popular systems, Revolution 100 glass partitions creates a variety of sophisticated and airy workspaces which deliver the ideal acoustic performance to promote a variety of working styles. From meeting and boardrooms to a community hub and break-out areas that all surround the open office space, Revolution 100 offered the law firm a dynamic solution to meet the varying design needs across the fit-out.

Acoustic, reusable glass doors 

Furthermore, the acoustic performance of the project was enhanced with the addition of our Edge Symmetry double glazed doors. By installing the existing Edge Symmetry doors, we were able to maintain the highest acoustic performance whilst seamlessly reintegrating the systems. Furthermore, by reusing the system we were able to meet their bespoke design requirements again. Not only do these doors fit perfectly into the new space but they also meet the client’s acoustic brief. This double glazed door can achieve up to Rw41dB, offering the ideal acoustic privacy for their new space.  

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