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Elevating BlueFloat Energy’s Edinburgh office space with our high-performance glass partitions

BlueFloat Energy, a pioneering offshore wind technology developer, has recently unveiled its vibrant and contemporary office space in Lochrin Square, Edinburgh. Working alongside architect Form Design Edinburgh and main contractor AKP East Kilbride, we created a colourful, serene and ergonomic working environment that puts the needs of BlueFloat’s employees first. Our glass partitions and door solutions played a pivotal role in transforming the office into a dynamic, sophisticated, and employee-centric environment that reflects BlueFloat’s values and culture.  

Lochrin Square, Edinburgh

Form Design Edinburgh

AKP East Kilbride

Delivering outstanding acoustics with innovative Glass Partitioning Solutions  

The office design features a striking combination of our high-performance, low-carbon glass partitioning solutions, creating a space that captures the essence of BlueFloat’s commitment to innovation, employee well-being and sustainability. 

Revolution 100 double glazed partitions were installed throughout BlueFloat’s new Edinburgh office. This acoustic glass partition creates a selection of private offices and large meeting rooms which seamlessly lead off from the central communal office spaces. This high-performance, low-carbon acoustic glass partitioning solution allows for private meetings, solo work or collaborative brainstorming sessions to thrive without disruption from busy inner office noise. Achieving up to Rw52dB with one layer of 12.8mm and one layer of 16.8mm acoustic laminate glass, Revolution 100 provides the ideal acoustic solution for BlueFloat. As a result, Revolution 100 offers the ideal system to provide outstanding acoustic performance for a comfortable and productive working environment. 

Adding design flair and performance with Optima 117 Curved glass partition solutions  

Offering an additional design flair, Optima 117 Plus curved glass partitions add a unique and exquisite design feature to the office. This seamless integration contributes to the ergonomic design of the office, enhancing the overall visual appeal and reflecting BlueFloat’s commitment to innovation and creativity. Minimal head and base tracks and discreet glass to glass dry joints further enhance the unique style of Optima 117 Plus, creating the illusion of vast open spaces of unsupported glass. With an acoustic rating of up to Rw40dB, this dynamic single glazed solution not only adds a striking design feature, but it also delivers fantastic acoustic performance.  

Striking and elegant glass doors that perform  

Alongside the collection of dynamic and beautiful glass partitioning systems we installed several of our high-performance glazed doors. The variety of outstanding glass doors significantly enhanced the striking and elegant design of BlueFloat’s new office space in Edinburgh. Single and double glazed Edge Symmetry doors provide the ideal solutions to enhance both the aesthetic design and acoustic privacy of the office. This hugely popular framed door achieves an acoustic rating of up to Rw41dB, bolstering the acoustic performance of meeting rooms, private offices, creating a comfortable and welcoming workspace. 

Elite Aero pocket sliding doors further add to the elegant design of the office whilst delivering an effortlessly functional system. Seamlessly integrated within the Revolution 100 double glazed partitions this sleek sliding door reinforces the acoustic privacy of the office whilst introducing a space-saving solution. Delivering a practical, contemporary system, the Elite Aero door optimises the functionality of the office, reflecting a commitment to modern and efficient design. This strategic choice not only enhances privacy and employee well-being but also aligns with BlueFloat’s vision of creating a dynamic and employee-centric workspace. 

Impact on Workspace Design and Culture 

The implementation of our market leading glass partitions and door solutions has transformed BlueFloat’s office into a beautiful and functional space that reflects the company’s values and culture. The installation of our low-carbon systems not only delivers a striking yet elegant workspace, but they also offer superior acoustic performance. With this in mind, our collection of glass partitions has created an environment that promotes collaboration, creativity, and employee well-being. 

Playing a pivotal role in shaping BlueFloat’s new Edinburgh HQ 

Our innovative glass partitioning systems and door solutions have played a pivotal role in shaping BlueFloat’s new office space. The contemporary, colourful and sophisticated working environment not only encapsulates BlueFloat’s values and culture but also serves as a haven for its employees and clients. The seamless integration of high-performance acoustic glass partitions, elegant door solutions, and striking design features has resulted in a workspace that truly embodies the spirit of BlueFloat, dynamic, inspiring, and committed to global energy transformation. 

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