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Inside Battersea Power Station: Glass Partitions play a big part of this landmark transformation

The refurbishment of Battersea Power Station, the Grade ll listed building has brought life back to one the most iconic London landmarks. Derelict since 1983, Battersea Power Station and the surrounding area has undergone a complete restoration, creating a metropolitan quarter that is bursting with life. Working alongside architect Foster & Partners and main contractor Isg, we transformed the inside of Battersea Power Station, creating a dynamic, sophisticated and contemporary office environment for an American multinational technology company. Our bespoke glass partitioning solutions successfully created a dynamic multi-use interior that enhances the historic restoration of this iconic landmark. Our client’s office space inside Battersea Power Station focused on utilising high-quality, high-performance, dynamic glass partitions and doors to bring a modern flair while reflecting the building’s original industrial history. 

Battersea Power Station, London

Foster & Partners


Unparalleled glass partition solutions 

Our innovative approach brought dramatic aesthetic elegance and acoustic excellence to the project, elevating its performance, comfort, and well-being. Revolution 54 Plus Shoreditch Edition double glazed partitions encircle the open office space with a variety of meeting room and boardrooms as well as several private offices and collaboration spaces. Bespoke Shoreditch Edition slimline framework was applied to the screens, bringing a unique and rustic design that paid homage to the buildings’ industrial past. Bonded to the glass the aluminium framework retains both the structural stability and acoustic performance of the glass partitioning, whilst giving the appearance of cutting through the glass with dramatic effect.  

A touch of acoustic excellence 

Offering excellent acoustic performance, aesthetic appeal and adaptability, Revolution 54 Plus offered the perfect solution to enhance the dynamic office space within this historic building. This glass partitioning solution balanced the historic and contemporary elements, adding a distinct visual appeal to the interior space. Installed with two layers of 12.8mm thick acoustic laminate glass Revolution 54 Plus can achieve up to Rw48dB, providing outstanding acoustic performance. Surrounding the open plan office space, this double glazed glass partitioning solution, significantly enhances the acoustic performance of the space, ensuring a quiet and comfortable environment for occupants. 

Raising acoustic integrity with glass doors 

The acoustic performance of the space was further enhanced through the installation of Edge Symmetry Shoreditch Edition double glazed doors. With an impressive acoustic rating of up to Rw41dB, this framed glass door not only adds an elegant feature to the design, but also bolsters the acoustic integrity of the office. The acoustic excellence of these glass door solutions contributed to the overall performance and ergonomics of the fit-out, setting a new standard for interior design projects. 

Innovative fire safety solutions 

Technishield 50 E30 fire rated rebated doors and side screens offer innovative fire safety solutions that perfectly blend practicality with contemporary design inside Battersea Power Station. These high-performing solutions not only meet the visual demands of modern office design but also ensure the highest level of fire protection, prioritising the safety of the occupants. By seamlessly integrating into this dynamic office design of Technishield 50 fire rated doors and side screens not only add to the elegant design but also deliver on the safety-critical design requirements of the space, setting a new standard for safety and functionality within this iconic restoration. 

Delivering 30 minutes integrity only fire protection, Technishield 50 fire rated doors and side screens meet both the visual and practical demands of the office. This high-performance solution prioritises the well-being and safety of the occupants, creating a striking and safe working environment inside Battersea. By seamlessly integrating into the overall design aesthetic, these fire rated doors and side screens not only contribute to the elegant design but also ensure the highest level of fire safety, reaffirming our and the client’s commitment to creating safe and visually appealing office environments.

Proud to be a part of history inside and out 

Not only did we have the pleasure to be a part of the transformation of this famous London landmark, but our affiliate company OAG played a massive role in rejuvenating Battersea Power Station. OAG designed and installed the new glazed roof of the Boiler House and Turbine Hall. Each stretching some 60m in length from a new bespoke framed system, the new glazed roofs were developed to mimic the original heritage profiles.  

Situated between the four famous chimneys, the Boiler House is the main and most recognisable structure within Battersea Power Station. OAG designed and installed the bespoke steel structure with each purlin weighing 6 tonnes and stretching 18m in length. A total of over 125 tonnes of steel makes up the bespoke structure supporting the boiler house roofs. 

Inside Battersea Power Station: A benchmark for innovative interior design solutions 

Our bespoke, unparalleled interior glass partitioning solutions played a pivotal role in transforming the historic Battersea Power Station into a modern, functional, and visually stunning office space. By seamlessly integrating bespoke design elements with contemporary flair and prioritising acoustic excellence and innovative fire protection, working alongside Foster & Partners and Isg we set a new benchmark for innovative interior design solutions, ultimately contributing to the success of this momentous regenerative project and delivering a striking, functional space for the technology giant. 

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