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An expedition into the nautical at KPMG Southampton’s new double glazed office partitions

Luscious stylised glass and bold nautical themes are something to behold within Southampton’s busy coastal KPMG headquarters. The international consulting giants have successfully breathed new life into their Gateway House office, with the introduction of seamlessly integrated glass and interior furniture fixtures.

Gateway House, Southampton

Sheppard Robson

Paramount Office Interiors

Do you work as part of a team?

Working alongside architectural heavyweights; Sheppard Robson, we were tasked with providing innovative and uniquely formed designs. Subsequently, we manufactured our bespoke double glazed office partitions to perfectly fit with existing modern seating fixtures. However, Sheppard Robson worked closely with us allowing us to use space economically in keeping with their original design.

Bringing focus into the office

On the other hand, subtle design with our double glazed office partitions which included: the Revolution Range, Edge Symmetry, single glazed Optima 117 Plus, and manifestation features allow for consistency in design from walls to windows. Further allowing for privacy with elegance. Themes ran throughout all nationwide KPMG offices that we were tasked with refitting. Subsequently, consistency was achieved by deploying the same team of specialists throughout the various builds.

In the same vein, KPMG Southampton’s triangular theme ran throughout their newly refurbished office, which boasts seamless integration between our bespoke manifestation and Sheppard Robson’s design. From words, to geometric shapes, to uniquely designed mesh, we encourage our clients to use their imagination when designing their manifestation.

In short, we take our service a step further with our Tech Panels a state-of-the-art optional addition to our partition or door units. Furthermore, this makes the day-to-day office environment considerably more manageable with capabilities allowing for high-tech advancements such as tablets which KPMG have optimised to allow room-booking.

Collaboration is key

In conclusion, at the forefront of every project lies an initial design, in this case, provided by Sheppard Robson. However, together we achieved our shared intention of creating a space of which the Double Glazed Edge Symmetry Door emanates calming natural light throughout. Soft white interiors are designed to match our visual privacy manifestation. The geometric style of both the furnishings and glasswork effectively compliment the building’s layout. Whether dining space, client meeting rooms or staff areas, alongside Sheppard Robson, we celebrate successful collaboration using environmental influences.

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