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LinkedIn’s stunning new acoustic glass partitions

LinkedIn has experienced huge growth since it first established itself in Ireland in 2010, with staff numbers rising from just 3 to over 1200 in 8 years. This huge expansion prompted the move to an impressive new EMEA headquarters in Dublin, which is certified to LEED Gold Standard. The global social media guru chose to invest in this 17,650 square metre new build to reinforce its reputation as the hub for social interaction. We worked with our partner in Dublin Walls to Workstations when called upon to provide a range of beautiful acoustic glass partitions throughout the 5-storey building, creating spaces for focused work and confidential meetings.


RKD Architects

Walls Construction

Collaboration made easy with acoustic glass partitions

Culture and employee wellbeing are at the forefront of RKD Architect’s inspirational design. Large communal areas dominate the building, which also houses a rooftop barista, soundproofed music room, gym and games room. The innovative, new workspace provides opportunities for staff and visitors alike to collaborate, interact and share information and ideas.

Due to the lively, open plan environment, it was essential that our acoustic glass partitions offered advanced levels of sound reduction. Optima’s Revolution 100 mullion-free double glazed system was selected for its market-leading acoustic performance. It has been tested to achieve a maximum acoustic rating of Rw51dB. This adaptable system also offers versatility and aesthetic appeal. It provides a number of design possibilities, ensuring creative flexibility for LinkedIn.

Exceptional acoustic performance 

Edge Affinity doors were also part of the design specification. Through research and development, we have created a striking range of framed glass doors which offer exceptional acoustic performance without compromising on visual appearance. With superior perimeter seals, Edge Affinity can achieve a maximum tested acoustic rating of Rw42dB in its double glazed form.

RKD’s carefully considered design ensures there is a range of public and private work spaces throughout the building. Our glass partitions allow visual connectivity whilst at the same time providing acoustically sound areas for staff to work in. The end result is a unique workspace which embraces and celebrates LinkedIn’s culture and provides an innovative and vibrant environment in which its ever-growing workforce can integrate and collaborate.

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