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OpenText: Celebrating stylish new glass office partitions

OpenText is a leading provider of digital information management products and services. Their core values encompass innovation and employee satisfaction. However, their London location is a hub for business services and sales teams, as well as visiting executives. In addition, clever use of our glass office partitions facilitated their path. 


Cannon Street, London



 Office glass partitions for an award-winning company

Firstly, the award-winning company made several acquisitions, creating their brief to HOK to merge and modernise three existing offices into a unified 30,000 sq ft space.

Secondly, HOK’s design concept emerged from a thoughtful consideration of the client’s brief and core values. However, the essence was to deliver a bold new space in which OpenText’s professionals from multiple functions and legacy companies could intersect, collide and collaborate. Further encouraging unscheduled connections was key.  Consequently, the way in which our glass office partitions were utilised enabled the client to deliver this collaborative space.

Combining open plan and private meeting spaces

However, the new interior, over both floors, enables movement to naturally flow past project feature areas, while also ensuring an engaging sight-line from any static point. Subsequently, the open plan work-space areas are linked and intersected by formal meeting spaces, semi-private and open collaboration spaces, allowing both planned and serendipitous connections. To sum up, the nature of work today is about knowledge sharing & human interactions.

In addition, Nexus and human collision formed the concept for the design, this was played out on vertical and horizontal planes – the eye is always drawn to something new. Riffing on the tech heritage of OpenText, 

Innovate design at it’s best

Furniture pairings enhanced the overall aesthetic and ergonomics – such as portable Bob stools in collaboration pods, and the rhyming lattice-effect chair-backs and table-legs in the open collaboration spaces. Such typical HOK attention to detail flows through into client spaces, media wall and individual design for each formal meeting room.

In conclusion, the client has received a unique space that: fits their brand; enables their work; and helps their staff and customers innovate and perform.

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