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Glass partitions enhance office design in a historic building: The transformation of One Express in Manchester 

Located in the historic Ancoats area of Manchester, One Express is a unique building with a rich heritage. Originally built in 1939 as a stunning Art Deco gem, it became Manchester’s youngest listed building in the 1970s. In recent years, the building has undergone a remarkable transformation, combining its historic charm with modern design elements to create a vibrant and futuristic space that hosts dynamic offices, its own gym and a cafe. Working alongside architects Stephenson Hamilton Risley and main contractor Urbanise Construction, we created a refined, airy space that is inspired by the building’s industrial past whilst delivering an elegant, professional environment for modern businesses. Our glass partitioning solutions create a light, open feel which adds to the industrial aesthetic whilst also delivering fantastic acoustic performance. 

Let’s explore how Optima 117 Plus Shoreditch Edition glass partitions and Edge Symmetry single glazed doors enhance the overall office design of One Express while respecting its storied past. 

George Leigh Street, Manchester

Stephenson Hamilton Risley

Urbanise Construction

Glass partitions Preserve History, Embracing the Future: 

One Express’s vision was to create a stripped-back, high-quality aesthetic that seamlessly merged the building’s rich heritage with a contemporary design. Therefore, the installation of Optima 117 Plus Shoreditch Edition single glazed partitions and Edge Symmetry doors offer the perfect solutions. Optima 117 Plus offers an elegant aesthetic whilst also facilitating the flow of natural light throughout the different workspaces. Installed extensively across the first floor of the design this sophisticated system creates a collection of light and inviting spaces. Seamlessly installed alongside this single glazed partition, Edge Symmetry doors also enhance the design and performance of this dynamic office. A black powder-coat finish applied to our glass partitions highlights the refined classic tones and creates a cool, airy ambiance that continues through the space. 

Bringing Something New to Ancoats: 

By combining the Optima 117 Plus Shoreditch glass partitions, Edge Symmetry single glazed doors, One Express brings something new and exciting to Manchester’s most dynamic district. The building not only pays homage to its historic significance, but our glass partitioning systems also add a touch of modernity and innovation to the area’s landscape. This fusion of old and new creates a remarkable and inspiring workspace that stands out in the bustling Ancoats neighbourhood. 

Inspired by Industry: 

One Express boasts high-quality finishes throughout, inspired by the area’s industrial heritage. Our glass partitions complete this premium finish, adding a refined, high-performance feature that emphasises the buildings industrial history. Therefore, Optima 117 Plus provides a variety of elegant and professional environments to suit the different working styles. From communal meeting rooms and private offices to business suites and breakout areas, our glass partitions and doors create a collection of dynamic spaces.

Adding visual connectivity  

Our systems promote visual connectivity across the floor whilst maintaining acoustic privacy, delivering a space that offers flexibility and adaptability. As a result, these glass partitioning solutions ensure that businesses of various sizes and needs thrive in this unique setting. Optima 117 Plus and Edge Symmetry single glazed systems perfectly surround the central atrium, offering a distinctive open aesthetic. As a result, Optima 117 Plus effortlessly connects the private and communal areas without acoustic disturbance. These dynamic spaces enhance the collaborative nature at One Express, fostering creativity and innovation whilst also maintaining acoustic privacy.  

Acoustic performance: the standout feature 

One of the standout features of the open plan office space is the impressive acoustic privacy on offer. Optima 117 Plus single glazed partitions, create a collection of acoustic spaces, promoting a variety of working styles. Achieving up to Rw38dB with 12.8mm thick acoustic laminated glass, this system combines striking aesthetic design with high acoustic performance. With acoustic privacy a key factor, this innovative glass partition minimises sound transmission, ensuring a peaceful, productive and healthy environment. Additionally,  the acoustic performance of this fit-out is further enhanced with the addition of Edge Symmetry doors. Delivering an acoustic rating of up to Rw35d, this single glazed door adds an effective design flourish at One Express. Whether it’s confidential meetings, focused work sessions, or collaborative discussions, the acoustic performance of the glass partitions and doors at One Express ensures that occupants can work undisturbed and with maximum productivity. 

A final thought 

The transformation of One Express in Manchester exemplifies how thoughtful design choices, such as the incorporation of glass partitions and doors, can enhance the office environment while preserving a building’s rich heritage. The combination of a stripped-back aesthetic, high-quality finishes, and the inclusion of high-performance glass partitions has resulted in a unique and inviting workspace that also meets the needs of modern businesses. One Express stands as a testament to the successful blending of history, innovation, and functionality. It sets a new standard for office design in Manchester’s most exciting district.

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