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Ørsted Energy take full advantage of our aluminium powder coating colour capabilities

In the regal district of Westminster, London you may come across the offices of Ørsted Energy. A stylish office boasting professional class yet flourishes of artistic imagination. Our partitions are designed with professional functionality and sleek design in mind. Our contribution to an office building which shares a postcode with some of the most architecturally iconic buildings in the world.

Westminster, London

Mansfield Monk



Firstly, Mansfield Monk created a design which epitomises contemporary style and professionalism. Subsequently, creating an almost homely feel to the space with contemporary sofas spread throughout. The main contractors have worked alongside Mansfield Monk installing the sofas to create a comfortable hub for employees to socialise. Also, acting as a place to host clients in a friendly setting.

Furthermore, Mansfield Monk specified our sleek Revolution 54 partition for its dynamic functionality. Revolution 54 is used in the hallways allowing optimal amounts of natural light to enter the space. This natural light was carried through the offices where Revolution 54 splits the hallway spaces.  These offices boast fresh bright furniture with flourishes of timber, bringing an aesthetic dynamism to the design.

To clarify, installing the double glazed Revolution 54 provides an impressive Rw45dB acoustic performance making it a superb choice of partition. It can dynamically function to perform as protection against sound intrusion and provide an outstanding aesthetic. In addition, we added eye-catching manifestations which function as both visual privacy for the offices, as well as adding another attractive visual element to the partition.


In addition to the installation, Mansfield Monk specified a specific aluminium powder coating colour finish to contribute to the theme of the office. We worked hard with our new powder coating capabilities creating a colour to suit the theme. Furthermore, our ‘Muted Silver’ finish is a feature of all our partitions and Edge Symmetry doors within this office. Consequently, adding to the feeling of cohesion within Ørsted Energy’s London Headquarters.

Furthermore, our aluminium powder coating colour capabilities extend further than colour matching, now allowing stunning textures to be formed. On the other hand, this smooth muted silver finish performs wonders allowing light to cascade around the room.

In short, our silver finish also works with the furnishings of the office, matching the grey/silver seating. In addition, the muted silver frames also contrast with the brightly coloured lamp shades. Consequently, the office boasts unique flourishes of colour and imagination.


Find out more about our range of finishes and the colours we offer.  Choose samples, or order a full set here 



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