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Reuse Service in action with the Adaptable Meeting Room at Hana

We recently completed the fit-out of one of our Adaptable Meeting Rooms at Hana by Industrious. This global workspace provider wanted to enhance their Central London site to provide their clients with a modern, flexible office space that could adapt to their changing needs. For Hana, an important aspect of this fantastic project was their decision to make use of the Reuse Service. Located at the heart of their modern coworking area, the new space needed to deliver flawless acoustics, offering users a comfortable private room to suit a variety of tasks. 

70 St Mary Axe, London

Reusing the Optima Adaptable Meeting Room saves Hana by Industrious 98% of carbon emissions at their London coworking space

Working alongside Tunley Engineering, we have calculated the emissions associated with the reuse of the Adaptable Meeting Room (AMR) for Hana by Industrious compared with installing a new AMR system. This assessment includes transferring the AMR from an existing client’s premises where it was demounted and then reinstalled for Hana. The total carbon emissions in tonnes for relocating and reusing the existing AMR was 0.1 tCO2e compared with 4.2 tonnes of carbon emissions for a new Adaptable Meeting Room. Therefore, reusing the existing Adaptable Meeting Room Hana by Industrious saved 4.1 tonnes of CO2 or 98% of greenhouse gas emissions compared to installing a new Adaptable Meeting Room. This massive saving is equivalent to the emissions from driving 15,073 miles in an average diesel car.

This carbon assessment provides us and Hana by Industrious with a clear evaluation of the carbon emissions associated with the project and highlights how carbon emissions can be reduced by reusing our glass partitioning systems. By analysing and comparing the carbon emissions associated with Hana’s fit-out we can showcase the noteworthy carbon saving Hana have made by opting to reuse this Adaptable Meeting Room. We believe it is our responsibility to take every step possible to minimise the carbon footprint associated with our products whilst delivering the high-quality projects our clients expect from us. See our full Carbon Assessment Report for more information.

Taking full advantage of the Reuse Service

Whilst performance was the primary design requirement for Hana, they also wanted to enhance the sustainability of the office. With this in mind, Hana chose to take full advantage of the Reuse Service. Developed with both our clients and the environment in mind, this new initiative offers a tailored service to enhance the environmental performance of any project. It enables our clients to incorporate previously installed Optima glass partitioning systems in their new designs. As a result, we were able to reuse an Adaptable Meeting Room that was no longer required. The product was in perfect condition and was ready for us to relocate to Hana’s office. Reusing the AMR provides Hana with a smart way to utilise this bespoke system. Furthermore, the new service also extends the lifecycle of this modular freestanding meeting room.

Cutting emissions and lead times

Reusing this adaptable meeting room offered the ideal solution for the Hana team. Purchasing a brand-new AMR would have taken longer and Hana needed to complete the project in a short time frame. Therefore, we were able to deliver Hana with a highly sustainable office fit-out, which occupants could use immediately.

From start to finish, the process of dismantling the Adaptable Meeting Room, relocating it from East London to Hana’s office in Central London and rebuilding it took place over a single weekend. Additionally, our experienced installations team worked carefully and efficiently to deliver exceptional customer service and the highest quality project. 

No waste was generated, and no renovation was needed, further enhancing the environmental performance of the fit-out. As a result, this not only kept lead times to a minimum but also eliminated any emissions associated with re-manufacture.

Circular by nature

The whole design of Hana’s new AMR project contributes to the circular economy, building a more sustainable, greener space fit for the future. As a result, the Reuse Service highlights how following a circular approach can add environmental value to projects. Designed to endure being moved from site to site, year after year, the AMR delivers unparalleled value at a far lower carbon and financial cost than traditional fit-out solutions. The robust nature of the product design and the longevity of the materials used, make it perfect for reuse in the future so this may not be the end of the story. Watch this space!


A happy client

“The Adaptable Meeting Room is the perfect addition to our office as it provides our teams with a beautiful, modern space where they can be at their most productive. The Optima team delivered a product of outstanding quality with such a quick turnaround, we’re extremely pleased that we did not have to inconvenience our clients during working hours. No matter how many changes Hana and its clients will face, I’m confident that the AMR will remain a central element in our office for years to come, benefiting our community of professionals in countless ways.”  Lily Cambridge, Membership Manager.

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