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Shell’s new London Headquarters created using BIM technologies

In the busy Southbank area, close to the iconic London Eye, is the Shell building. In fact, the building encompasses two of London’s best views. From the front of the building, the smart offices of international businesses line the road. Looking out of the windows to the back of the building gives a stunning vista of London greenery and landmarks such as the London Eye and the Houses of Parliament.

South Bank, London

Perkins and Will


BIM technologies

Christian Murphy, one of our dedicated BIM Coordinators worked hard with the specification given. With this, he created stunning partitions to suit the intricacies of the building. Using state-of-the-art BIM technologies, he designed all partitions to millimetre precision. Specifically, working with main contractors Overbury and architects Perkins and Will, Christian used the Level 2 process of BIM to complete the design for this stunning fit-out.

As a result of our work with BIM technologies, we were able to constantly share (with main contractors and architects) and alter dimensions when building the offices as a virtual environment.

Revolution 100 with silver frames

Entering Level 5 of Shell, our influence is immediately apparent. For instance, the backlit Revolution 100 partitions with stunning silver frames draw your attention. The almost white glass gives the office a clean and crisp feel when walking into the east side of the building. Revolution 100 occupies the whole stretch of the wall, accompanied by a conveniently placed kitchen with bright red walls at the end. 

Best of all, the silver framed Revolution 100 gives a sleek aesthetic, making the offices feel almost futuristic in design. In support of this, the backlit glass gives a stunning colour contrast to these frames, creating a well-lit, bright hallway as the light radiates off the silver. The Revolution 100 double glazed systems prove the optimal choice for these offices, providing an outstanding acoustic rating of Rw51dB, one of the highest acoustic ratings on the market. Furthermore, as these partitions are present throughout level 5, this makes for a superb environment for peaceful working.

Elite Affinity with silver frames

Next, completing the systems are Elite Affinity doors. Matching the silver frames of the Revolution 100, the Elite Affinity doors sit flush against the partitions with only a Tech Panel between them. In addition to flowing seamlessly, these doors boast an impressive acoustic rating of Rw45dB, making the entire system hard to beat for its acoustic qualities.

Moreover, these double glazed doors prove dynamic having the capabilities of accommodating either a deadlock, sash lock or a latch.

The hallway is designed with aesthetics and acoustic functionality in mind. Therefore, the Revolution 100 and Elite Affinity doors were the optimal choice and are used consistently throughout this floor of the fit-out.

Bronze office

Revolution 100 and Elite Affinity doors provide the entrance to the main meeting room created by Perkins and Will and Overbury. The office stands with Revolution 100 and drywall, creating an office with endless amounts of natural light flowing from the exterior terrace. Additionally, the bronze frames of the systems create an overall warm feeling in the room. Likewise, the theme is strengthened by the timber Tech Panels.

We had to take into account aspects such as flanking when considering the acoustic integrity of these offices. Working with Overbury, we provided an outstanding acoustic rating to this central meeting room.

A bronze framed hallway

Bronze framed Revolution 100 and Elite Affinity doors work well to bring variety to the space. Pivoting Elite Affinity doors are placed within an alcove from the partition, allowing the doors to safely swing outwards. These doors have an altered height, designed by Christian to fit the space without altering the aesthetic of the system. Similarly to the bronze frames, these give the partitions within the hallway a grand appearance.

Tech Panels

Tech Panels fit into every system on this floor. The finishes used (timber and back-lit glass) suit their positions within the modern offices. Their functionality extends to allowing the input of data-handling facilities and room booking tablets. A function of which Shell has made the most of, having installed room booking tablets to all Tech Panels within their new fit-out.

In conclusion…

Throughout the design and installation process, we have proved dynamic, working to the specified theme. As a result, this project is a credit to those who worked on it, as it displays creativity in design and ability to adapt to suit specification. An attribute which caused the overall success of this floor of the project. In short, giving a stunning fit-out that suits the working needs of Shell and considers the environment of the employees.

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