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Our doors and modern glass partitions inside The Beyond Collective’s offices

People from diverse backgrounds, spanning advertising, content, PR, media, strategy and production can now work collaboratively in their new offices. The Beyond Collective calls this ‘the atomic soup effect – that magical thing that happens when you throw diverse people from mixed backgrounds together.’
As a result, contractors installed 50 desks which accommodates a team of up to 100 people. This ratio is based on the agency’s projected occupancy rate of 50% of the workforce on any given day.

Bermondsey, London

AHMM/ Jackdaw Studio

Jackdaw Studio

Reaching high

Firstly, the client set a specific design challenge for these new state-of-the-art headquarters. Our task for 87 Weston Street, was to create an open, collaborative and fluid working environment reflecting the nature of the client’s business. Subsequently, we used our modern glass partitions to keep the space open and light, promoting employee wellness. This quirky new workspace is now home to all companies within The Beyond Collective. This includes creative agency Above+Beyond, as well as media agency Yonder, therefore, hot-desking capabilities were a necessity.

The location

The new space is within the Bermondsey Street Conservation Area, an area of historical note for the development of British trade and business in the 1800s. Furthermore, Stirling Prize-winning architects Allford Hall Monaghan Morris contributed to the exterior design of the light, bright, modern office. The building has a distinctive stepped exterior which reflects the disparate architectural styles and scales of its neighbouring buildings. In addition, designer Jackdaw maintained the pace of the project, as well as providing the inspiration for the design of the building.

History in design

The office occupies a 4,700 sq ft area with a striking 4.5m high ceiling. The transformation of the building is all the more staggering, having moulded a once drab, dark industrial office into a space flooded with light and personality. With this, the former industrial building is a distant memory. Introducing freshly painted white walls with our sleek glazed partitions was a huge element of creating an innovative, welcoming environment.

On the other hand, Allford Hall Monaghan Morris has cleverly used the buildings original structure as a basis for some of their more imaginative elements, such as the striking indoor centrepiece garden. Furthermore, we also followed this design, reflecting the buildings industrial past using Optima 117 Plus Shoreditch Edition, a sleek modern glass partition. This New York loft style feature modernises an outdated industrial glazing concept which originated in Essex in the late 1800s. Meanwhile, we fit our Edge Symmetry pivoting doors and Kinetic sliding office glass doors throughout the contemporary building. Dynamic in design, the Edge Symmetry partitions have an impressive acoustic rating of Rw41dB.

The final flourishes

London-based interior designers Jackdaw Studio were the minds behind the original floor plan. This included dividing the space into small meeting areas and a large open plan office with an integrated kitchen. This further facilitated collaborative work and social interaction. Jackdaw Studio used the crescent shape of the building as inspiration for their ingenious work desks in the centre of the open-plan office. In addition, Jackdaw also designed walkways at either side of the space leading to two pathways encouraging serendipitous encounters. Finally, ‘The Perch’, a bespoke shared work desk, is available for team meetings with two grand review walls nearby providing the final flourish.  

A happy client

In conclusion, The Beyond Collective is a micro-network of specialist companies, unified around the common goal: helping clients grow their brands in the age of the audience. Furthermore, being home to creative entrepreneurs from the worlds of film, music, media, PR, production and advertising requires a space allowing collaboration and enjoyment. We believe, with our collaborators, that we have achieved a fit-out that we can all be proud of and that The Beyond Collective can call home for many years to come.

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