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Bespoke glass partitions at x+why enrich their new London coworking space

On their mission to change the way the world works for good, x+why recently completed the fit-out of their exceptional new coworking space in Marble Arch. Working in collaboration with architect Allford Hall Monaghan Morris and main contractor Galliford Try we transformed their brand-new coworking office, completing a remarkable project for x+why. Our bespoke glass partitions have elevated x+why’s coworking development at One Great Cumberland Place, enriching the overall workspace experience and creating a unique environment that combines Grade A workspace with the amenities of a 5-star hotel. x+why wanted to create a unique, contemporary workplace that inspires and supports users. Set in an enviable location overlooking Hyde Park, their latest coworking office is more than just a workplace.

One Great Cumberland Place, London

Allford Hall Monaghan Morris

Galliford Try

Iconic design meets bespoke glass partitioning innovations

To celebrate One Cumberland Place’s rich heritage, our bespoke glass partitioning systems were strategically designed to mirror the iconic architectural exterior of the building. This collaborative design approach ensured seamless integration between the interior and exterior of x+why.

Unlike anything we have designed or installed before, bespoke Revolution 100 Shoreditch Edition single glazed partitioning systems create a collection of elegant internal bay windows. These customised bay window systems are crafted from Revolution 100 glass partitions, Edge Affinity Shoreditch Edition doors and our innovative ceiling panel technology. Developed from our Adaptable Meeting Room system, the ceiling panels’ dynamic and high-quality design characteristics enhance the performance of our glass partitions whilst complimenting the overall aesthetic of the office. Perfect for the coworking environment of x+why’s new space, our bespoke bay windows ensure a seamless transition between the central office space and the individual coworking suites.

Acoustics designed for coworking

Creating a collaborative and communal environment where everyone can work in harmony and thrive is key for every coworking space. With this in mind, acoustic privacy was a top priority for x+why at One Cumberland Place. Achieving up to Rw40dB, Revolution 100 Shoreditch Edition single glazed partitions not only provide a dramatic visual feature but also offer a high-performance acoustic solution. Installed with 16.8mm acoustic laminate glass, this single glazed partitioning system provides the ideal solution to address the varying acoustic requirements throughout the space. These individual working suites provide a sense of privacy within the coworking environment, allowing occupants to focus and collaborate effectively.

Bespoke glass doors add to x+why’s contemporary inspiring workplace

Edge Affinity Shoreditch Edition glass doors take acoustic privacy to a new level at x+why. By integrating this framed glass door solution, we enhance the acoustic performance throughout whilst adding to the elegant yet striking design. Providing an exceptional acoustic rating of up to Rw39dB, this single glazed door adds a high-performance final touch to the design. The result is a visually stunning workspace that minimises noise disruptions and maximises user experience.

Attention to detail is always a top priority

Diligence is one of our core values and we are thorough and meticulous in everything we do at Optima. As with all our projects attention to detail was paramount for x+why’s new space. Timber fluted infill made from European Oak in both the door and glass partitioning systems in the bay windows, provide a warm and sophisticated element to the design. Not only do the Timber Infills bring a unique visual feature to the design but this meticulous craftsmanship mirrors the lift lobby wall linings, creating a sense of cohesion across the floorplan. Another unique design detail of this outstanding coworking office was the installation of bespoke kick plates to the bottom of the Edge Affinity glazed doors. These not only add a touch of elegance but they also provide added durability and functionality.

Bespoke design meets leading fire protection

Technishield 65 glass partitions seamlessly blend bespoke design with high-performance fire protection. Understanding the distinct design and safety needs of x+why’s coworking space, we have installed our cutting-edge fire rated single glazed doors and side screens on level 8. These fire rated solutions offer 30 minutes integrity and insulation, providing both safety and peace of mind for occupants. With our innovative fire rated solutions, x+why’s coworking space stands out as a haven of creativity, elegance, and unparalleled safety.

Dramatic Switchable glass windows

In the reception area, we incorporated bespoke circular switchable glass windows. These windows serve as a striking aesthetic feature while offering unique design functionality. With the flick of a switch, the switchable glass provides instant visual privacy, making it an ideal choice for x+why’s reception area. Creating an open window into the inner workings of the coworking space whilst providing visual privacy at the push of a button, these switchable glass windows are highly effective at adding transparency or creating visual privacy. The versatility and style of the switchable glass solution make it a valuable addition to the overall design.

A final thought

Our bespoke glass partition solutions have played a pivotal role in transforming x+why’s new coworking space at One Great Cumberland Place. By combining innovative design, functionality, and attention to detail, we have created a dynamic and visually stunning workplace that enhances productivity, collaboration, and overall user experience. The seamless integration of modern, bespoke interior glass partitioning bay windows with the iconic building’s exterior and the inclusion of stylish and functional fire doors and windows created a bespoke coworking space that truly stands out from the crowd.

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