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Redefining low carbon glass partitions with Hydro CIRCAL  

In the realm of sustainable manufacturing, Hydro’s premium recycled aluminium, Hydro CIRCAL, has taken a monumental leap forward. With an unwavering commitment to environmental stewardship, Hydro has harnessed advanced recycling technology to enhance Hydro CIRCAL’s footprint to 1.9 kg CO2e/kg aluminium, down from 2.3 kg CO2e/kg. This achievement marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of sustainable production and has profound benefits for our market leading high-quality, low-carbon glass partitions and doors. 

Optima and Hydro: A coalition for sustainability 

The cornerstone of our circular economic approach as a business lies in the adoption of Hydro CIRCAL, the lowest embodied carbon aluminium on the market. Renowned for containing a minimum of 75% post-consumer scrap, Hydro CIRCAL epitomises the sustainable future of manufacturing.  

Through continued innovation, collaboration and hard work between Hydro and Optima, these advancements enable us to deliver our high-quality glass partitions with even lower carbon aluminium.  We believe the integration of Hydro CIRCAL in our systems, highlights a paradigm shift towards more sustainable and responsible production practices.  Now with the incredible lower carbon footprint of 1.9KG of CO2e per Kg of aluminium, Hydro’s low-carbon brand of aluminium is an empowering agent, assisting us in leading the glass partition Circular Revolution.   

A testimony to sustainable progress 

Christian Mabey, Managing Director of Optima Products Ltd, expressed his enthusiasm regarding Hydro’s new lower carbon footprint figures.

“We were thrilled to hear of Hydro’s new lower carbon footprint figures. Already the lowest embodied carbon aluminium available on the market, the ability to further reduce the carbon impact of our aluminium glass partitions with Hydro CIRCAL is fantastic. As the only glass partition manufacturer in the world outside of Hydro’s own building products division using Hydro CIRCAL, we are delighted to be able to pass this significant carbon saving on to our clients. Together we are dedicated to developing the lowest carbon innovations to create a more sustainable future for the built environment.” 

Aluminium: the infinitely recyclable building material   

Aluminium is infinitely recyclable. In fact, recycling aluminium utilises a mere 5% of the energy required to manufacture it from raw materials. This is just another of the many outstanding features of manufacturing our systems with Hydro CIRCAL. With the ability to be infinitely recycled without any loss of quality, aluminium offers a truly circular material, with endless design possibilities to manufacture our glass partitioning solutions.   

A testament to sustainable innovation 

The enhancement of Hydro CIRCAL’s carbon footprint stands as a testament to sustainable innovation. Driving sustainability and decarbonisation is part of our business strategy and utilising the most sustainable materials and processes is key for us and our clients to achieve our sustainability goals. Our continued collaboration with Hydro not only redefines the benchmarks of sustainable manufacturing but also paves the way for a more circular built environment. 

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