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Are you feeling constrained in your office? Do you dream of a more open, adaptable workspace? Sliding pocket doors are not just a solution; they’re an upgrade to the very essence of modern office design that blends functionality with aesthetic appeal to transform your workspace. Here’s an in-depth look at what you might be missing if you don’t have sliding pocket doors in your office space.

Struggling With Space: A Modern Office Dilemma

In the ever-evolving landscape of modern offices, space isn’t just valuable, it’s a blank slate for creativity and teamwork. Yet, many organisations still grapple with the traditional doors that eat up valuable space and disrupt the visual harmony of their offices that makes areas feel confined and unwelcoming.

There is a better solution – one that reclaims the lost space and unlocks a ton of new possibilities. Sliding pocket doors are a sleek, forward-thinking alternative to traditional doors that save space while also enhancing the visual and functional appeal of any office.

Introducing Sliding Pocket Doors

A sliding pocket door is a type of door that saves space and vanishes into the wall when opened for innovative spatial efficiency. Crafted from premium materials like glass and metal, these doors are both perfectly functional and a statement of style and durability.

By bidding farewell to the swing space requirement of typical doors, sliding pocket doors give you a lot more floor area, which makes your office appear more spacious and welcoming. At Optima, we lover the look and transparency of sliding glass doors, which is why we offer them in such a wide range of options.

Kinetic Sliding Glass Doors from Optima

sliding pocket doors in an office space

Our Kinetic sliding glass doors are a testament to innovation and design excellence, but don’t be fooled. These doors are not just space savers, they are also architectural elements that enhance the look and feel of any office.


Kinetic Lite

This frameless sliding glass door is a testament to simplicity and elegance. Its 10mm heat-soaked, toughened glass leaf glides on robust carriages to provide a seamless transition that integrates perfectly with the Optima 117 Plus glass partitioning system.

Kinetic Seal

Prioritising both aesthetics and acoustics, Kinetic Seal features a frameless design with special acoustic seals. It provides an enhanced acoustic performance while maintaining a sleek, modern look that complements any office environment.

Kinetic Aero

Embrace contemporary design with the Kinetic Aero system, a fully framed sliding door that offers superior acoustic seals. Its enhanced slam post and framing profile not only improves acoustics, it also adds a sophisticated, modern touch to your workspace.

Kinetic Align

For those seeking the ultimate in acoustic performance and classic design, the Align is the perfect choice. Its fully framed structure and comprehensive acoustic seals ensure privacy and focus, and its discreet continuous floor guide ensures smooth operation and perfect alignment every time.

The Advantages of Sliding Pocket Doors

Sliding pocket doors are more than a smart choice. They’re a strategic enhancement to any office that offers numerous benefits, including:

Endless Design Possibilities and Customisation

With sliding pocket doors, your design vision knows no bounds. Pocket doors aren’t just functional, they are a dynamic design element capable of transforming your office’s atmosphere into a brand-new space. Plus, there are many design options available.

You can choose minimalist glass designs, glass with custom manifestation of your brand logo or company motto printed for all to see, and more! With sliding pocket doors, you have the ability to tailor the door to fit your unique style. Plus, you get the opportunity to alter the design of your office with all that additional space!

Maximise the Space in Your Office with Optima

Sliding pocket doors are a wise investment in your office’s future. Opting for our advanced door designs means you’re not just choosing doors – you’re embracing a new world of spatial optimisation, aesthetic refinement, and overall efficiency.

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