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It might seem an obvious question to ask: why is quality in construction important to us? However, it’s surprising how easy it is to overlook crucial aspects of quality in construction. In this blog, we look at what we expect from our buildings, what we mean by ‘quality’ and how we can ensure it in our fit-outs.

Quality expectations

We expect a lot from our buildings.  Not only do we want functional and safe places but spaces which promote health and wellbeing.   In addition, the design and construction of our buildings need to deliver a consistent standard of quality in construction.

Quality in construction means consistency

A myriad of standards and codes of practice guide us through the construction of a building.  Therefore, if we ensure that we meet or exceed the standards every time, then the construction methods become consistent and we avoid any potential issues.  Why is this important? Specifically, we can continue to delight our customers as they trust us to deliver a quality project consistently.

Quality means meeting standards

We should consider all the relevant regulations, standards, codes, and certifications as well as our client’s specifications.  Equally important in meeting these standards is the workforce that is delivering the project.  For instance, our teams train in specific aspects of the installation and their experience is invaluable in ensuring quality in construction of the final delivery.

Quality creates safety

The health and safety of the building occupants is not the only consideration; the health and safety of the installation workforce is paramount.  Consequently, awareness of safety standards and quality in construction has improved the conditions for workers. 

Quality of design

A key factor in the success of a building is the quality of the design.  Our team of designers not only adhere to the relevant standards but constantly strive for excellence in design.  Using BIM has meant that our designers are able to provide a consistent level of design which they share on a project.

A culture of quality

We can’t overstate the importance of a happy customer and a safe and satisfied workforce in order to promote quality in construction.  The culture of organisations that contribute towards projects and their attitudes to quality play a key part in the success of the project.  A culture which positively promotes excellent quality and has a zero tolerance attitude to zero quality is best placed to succeed.

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