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Fire rated glass doors are more than just an aesthetic enhancement. They’re also paramount to a business’ safety practices and overall fire safety compliance. Of course, these specialised barriers are not like your typical office door installations – they’re so much more! That’s why we created this comprehensive guide for fire rated glass doors, so you know exactly what they are and why they’re so essential in modern workspaces.

What Are Fire Rated Glass Doors?

What Are Fire Rated Glass Doors?

Before addressing the myriad reasons why your office needs fire rated glass doors, it’s important to understand what these innovative installations are and how they work.

In short, a fire rated glass door is a meticulously engineered door that provides critical time to safely evacuate in the event of a fire, and contains the spread while allowing visibility that can be crucial during an emergency. Their specialised design allows them to contain and prevent the spread of fire, smoke, and heat.

How Do They Work?

Despite how they look, they aren’t just ordinary pieces of glass. Fire rated doors with glass are specially crafted to withstand high temperatures for specified periods, ranging from 30 minutes to over 2 hours. The integrity of these doors is a life-saving feature that is designed to automatically close in the event of a fire to act as a barrier that delays its spread.

This incredible feat in engineering is meant to buy precious time for emergency evacuations and response team efforts. Not to scare you, but having a fire rated glass door could mean the difference between getting out of the building with your life or facing an unprecedented tragedy.

Meeting the Challenge: Aesthetics Meet Safety

One of the major challenges in modern office design is striking a balance between an open, inviting workspace and adhering to stringent safety regulations. That’s where fire rated internal glass doors really shine.

Fire rated glass doors and screens keep spaces bright and interactive, to promote transparency and collaboration. Plus, thanks to technological advancements, these safety features no longer have to be bulky eyesores.

For instance, the sleek, minimalist design of our products such as the Technishield 70 Fire Door and Side Panel or the Technishield 25 Fire Screen can seamlessly integrate into an office’s visual concept, to provide safety without compromising style. Our leading fire rated products offer the best of both worlds, which is paramount in the modern workplace.

3 Reasons Why Businesses Need Fire Rated Glass Doors

Now that we’ve established what fire rated glass doors are and their role in the workplace, let’s take a moment to explore the specific reasons why they are indispensable in contemporary office environments. Here are four major reasons why businesses should consider installing fire rated glass doors:

1. Uncompromised Safety and Style

Businesses no longer have to choose between safety and design. With products like the Technishield 70 Fire Door and Side Panel, you get 90 minutes of integrity and insulation during an emergency fire event. That means that in an emergency situation, you don’t have to panic.

To get a better idea of what this looks like, check out the recent installation at Audley’s luxury retirement village in Sunningdale, where fire rated glass installations were seamlessly woven into the contemporary elegance of the retirement village without compromising style.

Uncompromised Safety and Style

2. Natural Light and Openness

Exposure to natural sunlight can have a significant impact on a person’s mental and physical well-being. So, it should be no surprise that today’s workforce thrives in environments abundant with natural light, a feature that traditional solid-core doors significantly restrict. Our fire rated glass doors and partitions facilitate bright, inviting workplaces without compromising safety.

This approach is evident in projects such as St. Hilda’s College at Oxford University, where the newly installed fire rated glass partitions actively contribute to the college’s open and inclusive atmosphere.

Natural Light and Openness

3. Advanced Technology and Versatility

Advanced Technology and Versatility

When new technology emerges that could greatly enhance personal and employee safety, it’s our responsibility to take advantage of it. The evolution of fire rated internal glass doors is one of the advancements that must be considered.

Products like the Technishield 50 offer up to 60 minutes integrity only as standard during a fire event, while the Technishield 110 offers up to 120 minutes integrity and insulation as standard . These high-performing solutions meet the visual and practical demands of modern office design, and it’s not something business owners should ignore.

Make the Informed Decision with Optima

Are you specifying fire rated glass doors in your office space? With our Technishield range, you’re not just installing a safety feature, but also redefining your workspace aesthetics and employee experience.

Dive deeper into what we can offer. With a track record of excellence and a portfolio that includes prestigious projects at Northcote House, Sunningdale, and Oxford University, we are ready and able to guide you through every step of this crucial enhancement to your workspace.

Contact us today to create a safer, brighter future for your workspace!

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