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Delivering safety and style with our fire rated glass partitions and doors at Lucent

Landsec’s new mixed-use scheme at 1 Sherwood Street has undergone a remarkable transformation, thanks to the collaboration between us, architects Fletcher Priest, and main contractor Wates Construction. Set just behind the famous Piccadilly lights, project Lucent has turned the unused area into flexible workspaces and offices as well as shops and apartments. This high-profile development is set over seven floors with a focus on fire protection and striking aesthetic design on each. Our cutting-edge fire rated glass partitions were seamlessly integrated into the seven floors of this innovative project. The installation of fire rated glass partitions and doors not only offers enhanced fire protection but also creates a safe and comfortable environment that allows users to enjoy Lucent with peace of mind.

1 Sherwood Street, London

Fletcher Priest

Wates Construction

Fire protection meets striking design

The incorporation of our fire-rated glass solutions in this standout development not only prioritises safety but also promotes a sense of openness and transparency. The use of glass partitions doors throughout allows natural light to flow through the space, creating a bright and inviting atmosphere. This not only enhances the overall aesthetic appeal but also improves the well-being and productivity of occupants. Additionally, these exceptional fire-rated glass solutions provide a barrier against the spread of fire, giving occupants confidence and ensuring a safe environment. The collaboration between us, Fletcher Priest, and Wates Construction has truly transformed Lucent into a modern, functional, and visually stunning mixed-use building.

We installed a selection of our fire-rated glass partitions and doors across this seven-floor project. Fire rated screens and doors were utilised across all seven floors of Lucent. Both single and double door variations of this impressive fire rated system lead from the lift lobbies on each floor to the wider office or retail spaces. Providing either 30 or 60 minutes integrity and insulation, this high-performance fire system offers a stylish addition to the design whilst delivering outstanding fire protection.  

Outstanding Acoustic Performance

Technishield 65 glazed screens installed on levels 2 to 6 deliver stylish fire rated atrium screens over the stairwell on each floor. This Technishield 65 fire rated glazed partition not only delivers leading fire protection but also provides outstanding acoustic performance. Ensuring a comfortable environment for occupants was a crucial aspect for this project, as it promotes health and well-being among users. Both the acoustic and fire safety design requirements were met perfectly with our fire rated glass solutions. Technishield 65 glass partitions and double doors achieve up to Rw43dB, effectively minimising noise disruptions and improving productivity. As a result, Technishield 65 fire rated glazed screens meet the practical safety requirements of this dynamic project whilst also delivering exceptional acoustic performance.

Creating a collaborative and free multi-use development

Landsec understands the significance of fostering a collaborative and free working, living and commercial environment. By incorporating our fire-rated glass solutions, they have successfully created a space where people can work, live and shop together comfortably and safely. The seamless integration of fire rated glass partitions and doors allows for an open and contemporary space that promotes a welcoming, vibrant atmosphere that also meets the practical demands of the design. Fire rated doors and screens have also been installed across the seven floors of this dynamic project. Utilising both single and double door systems, Fire rated glass partitions and doors offer enhanced fire protection without compromising on the aesthetic design of the space. Delivering up to 30 minutes integrity only, Our fire rated glass doors and screens add a further layer of fire protection across the design. The sleek and modern appearance of these fire rated solutions seamlessly blends with the overall interior design, creating a visually stunning space.

A successful collaboration

The successful collaboration between us, Fletcher Priest, and Wates Construction has resulted in a remarkable transformation of Landsec’s new multi-use development at Lucent. Fire rated glass partitioning solutions have seamlessly delivered and enhanced fire protection while meeting the striking aesthetic design throughout this unique project. The great acoustic quality and dramatic visual features combined with the high performance of these fire rated glass partitions and doors ensures a safe, comfortable, and innovative environment. Landsec’s vision of creating a development that nurtures work, rest and play has been brought to life with the help of our fire rated glazed solutions.

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